Make Your Own Buttons with Crochet!

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Sifting through grandma’s coffee can full of buttons is one of those near-universal memories among crafters. What happened to all those cans? Some of you may have been lucky enough to inherit these treasure troves, but far too many of us are left with only the craft store. And they aren’t 10 cents a pack any more either. Whether it’s price or availability, being able to make your own buttons on the spot is a great skill to have!

Free #Crochet Patterns to make your own Buttons! From

I’ve had lots of fun making my own buttons when the buttons I had on hand just wouldn’t do. Here are 5 different patterns and tutorials I found – one of which might be just what you need to finish your next project!

  1. A Simple Crochet Button by Mr. Micawber’s Recipe for Happiness – This is a fantastic photo tutorial and written pattern that makes a nice flat firm button. Easy go-to for any project!Free Crochet Pattern Crochet Button
  2. Buttons by Kathrin Bardeleben – You’ll be shocked this Ravelry download is free! So cute and such fine work. Offered in both English and German. Free Crochet Pattern Crochet Buttons German English Download Ravelry
  3. Valentine Button on Flower Girl Cottage – This big, bold button couldn’t be simpler! Free Crochet Pattern Button Big
  4. Crocheted Buttons: A Tutorial by Salt for the Spirit – This is another great photo tutorial, this time for a large but very sturdy button, made using drapery rings! Free Crochet Pattern Buttons Rings
  5. How to Crochet Your Own Buttons by Emi Harrington – This one is a video tutorial, seen below. I love the simplicity and pop you get with these!

Buttons are fun, and now you can have a perfect match for every project – knit, crochet, or even fabric. The applications are endless! Have you ever made your own buttons? Is there another pattern you like to use? Share in the comments!


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  1. 2

    Cynthia says

    So cute, I will send this to my friends. You sound like you were whispering, like maybe there was a baby sleeping. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  2. 3

    rosalie says

    These tiny buttons are just precious.,,,do you by chance have a pattern for larger flower size buttons? I would be so grateful.

  3. 5

    Charleen says

    I really do love these buttons. I am imagining how to use each and everyone of these beauties. Hope everyone tries them and uses them in a variety of ways. You can put them on an outfit to make a change, make them to go in a little girls hair. There is so many ways they can be used.


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