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Finally! Remember last year, when someone in the comments asked for a video? And then this year, when I said I wanted to start making video tutorials? Well! It’s taken much longer than expected, but what started with this…

…and included a whole lot of swearing, sweating, nervous laughter, and general crochet shenanigans, has born crochet video goodness!

There was much trial and error, a week of dithering on the music selection (what is “moogly music”? Anyone?), and suffice to say, I am so lucky I decided to marry a video production guy! We hope to make more instructional videos in the future… and now that we’ve got the basics hammered out, it should go a lot quicker!

Now, may I present, the first official moogly instructional video! How to crochet the Bobble Stitch, or dc5tog, as seen in the Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket and Afghan!

Written Instructions for the Bobble Stitch

Bobble stitches are worked from the β€œwrong side” – meaning they pop out away from you as you work. They are worked much like a dc dec, but all into the same stitch. To dc5tog, work 5 dc all into the same stitch, leaving the last loop unworked on the hook each time. When you’ve got 6 loops on the hook, yarn over and pull through all 6 sts. Work tightly here, and as soon as you make the next (sc) st, the bobble should pop right out on the other side of your work!

Someday I hope to stop feeling like a doofus whenever I hear my own voice. And boy do I have a heck of a midwestern accent there, eh? But it was SO much fun, I think it shows how to make this type of bobble very well, and I can’t wait to do more! Any requests? What stitches have you perplexed?

How to Crochet the Bobble Stitch, or dc5tog, a video tutorial in HD! #crochetDon’t forget to like moogly on facebook for sneak peeks, early releases, insider info and photos, fun links and more! You can contact me at



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  1. 4

    Heather says

    Thank you so much for providing a tutorial for the DC5tog! I was doing it all wrong until I watched your video!!!

    • 5

      moogly says

      Oh I’m so glad it helped Heather! It’s one of those things that’s so much easier to show rather than describe.

  2. 6

    Shannon Chalden says

    Yay!! Thanks for the video. I found your blackberry salad pattern when I was looking for baby blanket ideas and I fell in LOVE! I was a little nervous because I had never attempted a pattern without a video reference. Thanks so much for taking the time to make a video. You are an inspiration to all of us crochet newbies. :) I’m now following you on facebook, too!

  3. 8

    Lauren says

    thank you so much for the video! are you good at zig zag afghans? or ripple patterns? for some reason, i have such trouble with those! maybe you could do a video on those types of stitches?

    • 9

      moogly says

      Lauren, that’s a great idea! Especially as I have a couple patterns coming up that use ripples. πŸ˜‰ I’ll add those to the list! And you are very welcome. :)

  4. 10

    Janet says

    Love the blanket! I have the same problem hearing my voice as well. But one day I thought what if what I think I sound like to myself is correct and any recordings are off? Hearing someone else and a recording of them seems right but perhaps their is a depth missing in any recording? I have taken this point of view as fact although there are no facts to prove my theory. Just wanted to share. You sound fine to me! :) LOL Next baby that comes along – this blanket is IT for sure! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern! I wouldn’t mind having a lap sized one for myself as well.
    Best regards

    • 11

      moogly says

      Heh, thanks Janet! I tell myself it’s my bad laptop speakers lol. Just FYI, there’s a full afghan sized pattern written up here as well – look for the Blankberry Salad Striped Afghan pattern in the Free Crochet Patterns menu on the right! πŸ˜€

  5. 12

    Beth Proctor says

    You make it look so easy! I cant wait to try it out on my next blanket! Thanks for much for the tutorial.

  6. 13

    Marika says

    You have a wonderful voice for tutorials, and your choice of music was excellent! I started crocheting just a few years ago because I could never understand crochet instructions and was so intimidated by them…The first year I started to crochet I just made a bunch of rag rugs and bags using the single crochet, then discovered the wonderful world of internet tutorials, and now I am catching up for lost time! I make most of my designs free form (because I am still intimidated by instructions!), but I still need to see tutorials on how to make the different stitches, and yours was excellent! Thank you!!!! Keep up the great work! You have a new follower!

  7. 15


    Whaaa, I love your video! You make it look so simple, I am now all excited about making a blanket for my cousin’s baby girl. Awesome. I’m a beginner and have made just one afghan (it turned out pretty good!), and I can’t wait to start this new one! Thanks for sharing! :))

  8. 18


    I love the Blackberry salad striped blanket and after watching your tutorial, I gave it a go. I’m so pleased with the result. While I was making it my 18 month old son would come up and run his hands all over it going ‘Ahhhhh’ so it’s a real hit. Thanks.

  9. 20

    viola says

    I love your site and your videos,BUT I’m in dire straits I need to learn the FRONT BACK BOBBLE crochet AND the BERRY crochet stitch ,is there any way you can HELP me ?no one seems to know what i am talking about,they look at me as if I have 3 heads,and I only have 2 heads…waiting to hear from you soon …Hugs and Prayers to you….Viola,tears are falling

  10. 22

    Linda Griffith says

    I must be the dumbest person on earth. I am having a HORRIBLE time ending and starting rows. Also, keeping same number of stitches per row. Can you help me?

    Thanks ever so much!

    • 23

      moogly says

      Linda, you aren’t dumb! I still have to count my sts sometimes and I’ve made a dozen of these blankets! Counting stitches is just one of those necessary evils. Most often my trouble is that I’ve gotten distracted and skipped one of the sc between the bobbles, or on a dc row I’ve manged to miss the one that tucks in next to the bobble.

      In terms of starting nd ending rows, just try to get sts in both the top of the sc sts in the bobble rows & the ch 3 turning ch from the dc rows. I hope this helps.

  11. 26

    Catherine says

    Your bobble stitch video was speaking my language-plan and simple. Thank you for making the tutorial. I’d love to see on for the front and back post double crochet.

  12. 33

    Val says

    What a great site you have here…just located it…& “like” you on Facebook. You have created fantastic patterns. I can’t wait to get started on the Bobble Stitch. Sometimes I wish I was an Octopus so I could crochet/knot more projects all at once…lol. Keep up the great patterns & tutorials….Happy New Year from Canada….

  13. 35

    Kristen says

    I enjoyed the video and am picky about radio personalities but like your voice. Your instructions sound like a friend sitting next to me crocheting and instructing. :)

  14. 37

    Jean says

    I usually knit gifts but this time I decided I wanted to try a crocheted baby blanket for a new arrival. After searching all weekend for just the right pattern I accidentally found your pattern and video. You are the answer to my prayers as I haven’t done any crocheting in years. After reading the pattern and watching the video I really think I can do it. Tomorrow it’s a trip to find yarn to get me started. Thank you so much!

  15. 39

    Sheila says

    thank you for posting this! i love the blanket but i was afraid to try until i saw the video. i am a beginner in crocheting and i think i can do this!

  16. 40

    Marie says

    This was absolutely perfect for beginners & advanced alike! Now I have one more afghan on my list :)

    How about a video showing the reverse sc/crab stitch? I have yet to figure that one out and would love to be able to do this stitch as a basic border on “blankies”???

    • 44

      Tamara Kelly says

      Arlene there should be a green Print Friendly button at the bottom of the instructions that will allow you to print it easily. :)

  17. 47

    Sophia says

    Love your patterns, but I think I am the only person needing written directions. We live out in the middle of nowhere and have two choices for internet – S-l-o-w or Nothing. Streaming videos over the ‘net just doesn’t work for us. I think I figured out a way to make the bobbles, they just look different a bit from yours.

    • 48

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Sophia! Sorry about that – the older tutorial posts definitely need updating! I wrote out the directions for the bobble stitch on the pattern for the Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket, so I’ll go in and add them to this post now! Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  18. 52

    VAia says

    Hello, I have already started the blanket and it seems to be gorgeous!!! I used a yarn that has different colours and it looks great!!! Thank you for the video, I think it makes it more clear!!!
    Many thanks from sunny Greece!! :-)

  19. 54

    Thea says

    You may not like your own accent but to my English ears it’s pure heaven and I love love love your crochet,
    keep going you have nothing to cringe about
    lots of love from
    crochet fan from England

  20. 56

    Letitia says

    All the patterns I see that use the Bobble stitch are with worsted weight yarn.

    Will this stitch work with a heavier yarn?

    And a very beginner question that I can’t figure out from videos…when you make a new stitch either the Bobble or the Single Crochet do you go between the yarn of the “V” or do you go underneath and enclose the whole “V” with the stitch above?


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