Plan a Crochet Wedding with 15 Beautiful Free Patterns

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Ah, weddings. Is there anything more wonderful… or complicated? Not to mention expensive! Whether you’re the bride, a wedding party member, family, or a friend, you can add crochet to the plans – and maybe simplify and save money in the process! In this roundup I’ve gathered special gift ideas, bridal accessories patterns, reception decor and favor ideas, and flowers that will never wilt – so you can crochet the perfect wedding day!

Free Crochet Wedding Patterns - gifts, accessories, flowers, favors, and more!

Free Wedding Crochet Patterns:

  1. Wedding Ring Quilt by Kathleen Sams, on Coats & Clark: A gorgeous heirloom for the couple, and a labor of love!Wedding Rind Quilt - free crochet patttern
  2. Medium Claddagh Chart by Michelle Ryan, a Ravelry download: The claddagh is a popular wedding motif, and there’s a Ravelry group to help you out if you are new to charts!Medium Claddagh Chart - free wedding crochet pattern
  3. Bridal Shrug by Kathryn White, on Red Heart: This is so beautiful! Wonderful in white for the bride or in colors to match the bridesmaid dresses.Bridal Shrug - free wedding crochet pattern
  4. Bridal Shawl by Kimberly K. McAlindin, on Red Heart: Another beautiful choice, with a little more cover. Made in the called for bamboo it’ll be nice and cool!Bridal Shawl - free crochet wedding pattern
  5. Bridal Keepsake Bag by Darlisa Riggs, on Crochet Uncut: Just big enough for tissues and a couple of necessities.Bridal Keepsake Bag - free wedding crochet pattern
  6. Bridal Garter Belt by Darlisa Riggs, on Crochet Uncut: A beautiful and delicate heirloom.Bridal Garter - free wedding crochet pattern
  7. Bride and Groom Lovebirds by magg314, on Crochetville: A sweet gift for bird lovers, these amigurumi would also make a cute cake topper!Lovebird Amigurumi - sweet wedding gift or cake topper!
  8. Cotton Lover’s Wedding Necklace by Fatima Lasay, on Crochetology:Β  Finished with Swarovski crystals or freshwater pearls it’s softly stunning. Be sure to check out the matching purse too!Cotton Lover's Wedding Necklace - free wedding crochet pattern
  9. Irish Crochet Pincusion by Linda Ligon, on Knitting Daily: Make it in white, and this gorgeous little cushion is perfect as a ring pillow. Just add a ribbon to tie it on!Irish Crochet Pincushion  - makes a beautiful ring pillow for a wedding!
  10. Flower Girl Basket Insert by Donna Collinsworth, on Donna’s Crochet Designs: Pretty in plain white or in your wedding colors!Flower Girl Basket Liner - Free crochet wedding pattern
  11. Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere by Lorene Haythorn Eppolite, on Cre8tion Crochet: Beautiful soft cotton flowers that will never wither – and are always in season!Bridal Bouquet - free crochet pattern
  12. Bridal Nosegay by Nazanin S. Fard, on Red Heart: Another gorgeous option, this time in delicate thread.Bridal Nosegay - free wedding crochet patterns
  13. Crochet Votive CoverΒ by Nature Nut Notes on Scribd: Reception table decor is a wonderful place to add a special touch (and save big). Glass jars with handmade covers are beautiful and intimate. Use recycled jars for eco-wedding bragging rights!Crochet Votive Cover - free crochet pattern for your wedding!
  14. Victoria Crochet Drawstring Purse by Penny Peberdy, a Ravelry download: Perfect for Jordan almonds or other small favors!Victoria Crochet Drawstring Purse - free wedding favor crochet pattern
  15. Bag of Hugs by Carolyne Anne, by The Party Artisan: Another sweet favor idea – end the night with a kiss!Bag of Hugs - Crochet Wedding Favor

When I got married we did a lot of DIY – making our own invitations, programs, and centerpieces. I wish I’d known how to crochet – I’d certainly have included yarn! Now I get to crochet for gifts for other people’s weddings! Did you crochet for your wedding? Share what you did in the comments – I’d love to read about it!

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  1. 1

    Gigi Lee says

    I want you to know your wedding selection is beautiful. I am a flower lover, and hooked on roses and leaves right now. All of your projects look great , different. Thank you very much for providing me with such inspiration.

  2. 6

    Gigi Lee says

    Thank you for the wedding patterns. I like the way you post 10 patterns together. I’ve seen a few of the patterns elsewhere, I am a loyal fan of yours.

  3. 8

    yani says

    Could you show me free tutorial video for crocheting bridal shawl? Because for me it’s a little bit complicated to understand the pattern of crocheting this bridal shawl.
    Thank you

    • 10


      I made this shawl a few months ago. It does take a bit of time (took me about 30 hrs) and I had to read things over a few times before I understood it all. But it came out just beautiful and soooo comfy! There are a LOT of youtube videos on crochet out there if you find yourself stuck, you can always look up something on youtube fore claification! You should definitely give it a try tho! You won’t regret it!

  4. 11

    Erin Dunlap says

    Thanks I plan on getting remarried in June 2014. Well have our big wedding we did a quick Reno wedding since our first is due this Halloween so close! I’m hoping I can learn to crochet by then so I can make
    My own flowers

  5. 15

    Michele McClellan says

    When I got married, I made my own invitations, wedding favors, and kept the decorations simple. I crocheted lap blankets out of LB Homespun for my bridesmaids in their favorite color. I think they all still have them.

  6. 16


    Thank you for including my bouquet in your round up, I appreciate it. Hubby, mother, aunt and I did my whole wedding DIY, down to building the actual venue. I did not crochet then either… which is a shame because I have a million ideas now, lol. I did do a wedding for a client with all crocheted flowers. One day I’ll host a huge party, or maybe a recommitment ceremony and I will definitely include lots of yarn!

  7. 18

    Keith Evans says

    Hi Tamara
    Thanks for your reply to my comment. I really can’t think of anything more appropriate for a wedding other than bobbin lace and crochet, they make something ordinary into something special. Lurve your collection of weddings accessories.
    Keith x

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