The Cat’s Meow: Free Crochet Patterns for Cat Lovers!

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There are dog people, and there are cat people, and while the dog people can dress their pets up in little outfits, dressing cats up is often…. we’ll say precarious. However, the devotion to their pets is not dampened, and there are lots of crochet patterns that attest to that fact! While you’re not as likely to find a costume for your cat, you may well find a cat costume for yourself. So here’s a roundup for all the cat owners, as well as those owned by cats – 10 free crochet patterns for cat lovers!

Free #crochet patterns for Cat Lovers! โ™ฅ Roundup on

10 Free Crochet Patterns for Cat Lovers

  1. Kittens in a Row Scarf by Carrie Au, a Ravelry download: This clever stitch pattern will keep you warm and cozy and show off your love of your furry friends!Kittens in a Row Scarf - free crochet patterns for cat lovers! #crochet
  2. Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse Toy by MeelaiTubachingching’s Weblog: The purrfect gift (oh yeah, I went there already) to show your devotion to the little king or queen.Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse Toy and more free crochet patterns for cat lovers! #crochet
  3. Nest by Hanne Katajamรคki, on eilen tein: You might think of nests as a bird thing, but this one is definitely for the cats. All cats love their own little hiding space, and this one looks great too! Scroll to the bottom of the page for English instructions.Nest on Eilen Tein and more free crochet patterns for cat lovers! #crochet
  4. Roly Poly Cats by Nina ShimizuPuchitomato: These stylized little balls-o-cat are so cute! Great for the tiniest cat lovers.Roly Poly Cats by Nina Shimizu and more free crochet patterns for cat lovers! #crochet
  5. Door Hanger Bouncy Cat Toy by Lion Brand Yarn: So much better looking than the ones in the store, and a great beginner crochet project too!Door Hanger Bouncy Cat Toy on Lion Brand, and more free crochet patterns for cat lovers! #crochet
  6. Bouncing Rainbow Jellyfish Cat Toy by Maz Kwok, on BeACrafterxD: This one’s a little more complicated – and you’ll want to sew those tentacles on super tight! – but it’s too much fun to leave off the list.Bouncing Rainbow Jellyfish Cat Toy by Maz Kwok, and more free crochet patterns for cat lovers! #crochet
  7. A Perrrrfectly Wonderful Tapestry Crochet Kitty Bag by Carol Ventura, on Tapestry Crochet: This is the project I used to learn Tapestry Crochet many years ago, and it’s also a great project for any crocheting cat lovers!A Perrrrfectly Wonderful Tapestry Crochet Kitty Bag by Carol Ventura, and more free crochet patterns for cat lovers! #crochet
  8. 1 Skein Pet Bed by Cris Porter, on Crochet with Cris: Not only is this a great one skein project, it’s also the perfect size for donating to animal shelters! So after you make one for your own feline companion, you might want to make a few more for those less fortunate. Shelters need all the help they can get!1 Skein Pet Bed by Cris Porter, and more free crochet patterns for cat lovers! #crochet
  9. Cat Pack Attack vol 1 by Cecinatrix, a Ravelry download: These cute little appliques can embellish any item, turning a plain piece into something very cattish!Cat Pack Attack Vol 1 Appliques by Cecinatrix, and more free crochet patterns for cat lovers! #crochet
  10. Nyan cat bookmark by Justyna Kacprzak, on Cute and Kaboodle: For those who prefer their cats a little more meme-y!Nyan Cat Bookmark and other free crochet patterns! #crochet #cat
  11. BONUS: Cuddly Cat Crochet Scoodie with Pockets, on Moogly: Okay, so I had to get this on here somewhere! Great for cat lovers and those who like to pretend to be them, it’ll keep you warm in great outdoors!Cuddly Cat Crochet Scoodie with Pockets - a free pattern on #crochet #cat #winter

I hope you’ve enjoyed these free crochet patterns for cat lovers! Have you crafted for your pets before? What’s your favorite thing to make for furry friends? And who’d like to see a dog themed roundup? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. 1


    Thank you so much for featuring the pet bed pattern in your post. I love this roundup too – we happen to be cat AND dog people so we get the best of both worlds when it comes to making and buying fun items for our furry lil friends. I also really like to craft for charity simply because it means I can craft as much as I want without having to fill up my house :)

    • 3

      Martha says

      I have not seen the pattern, but it’s the same concept for making a beret. You start with a flat round and then do an edge, then a beret decreases for the shape. Try double crochet. I cannot get them to work flat in singles, but have no problem with doubles. I also do not work in the round. I turn and go back the other way. At the moment, I’m working on a scrap yarn, kitten size cat nest. I saw it mentioned on Facebook via Lion Brand Yarn. I’m working double strand. I believe the version we saw was strips of fabric. I find that to be too hard on my wrists. I’m using some scrap black and navy yarns, so I will edge the opening in a bright color.

  2. 4

    kelly says

    i have tried to do the 1 Skein Pet Bed before but does not turn out right maybe i am not reading it right but it does not stay flat

    • 6

      Julie Wolf says

      It won’t stay flat for me either. Tried a few times thinking maybe I was doing something wrong to no avail. Wasted time…

    • 7

      anna says

      I used to have that problem with other projects, the trick is to steam it, you can buy a steamer for it or you can just hold your finished project over a pot of boiling water til it’s a bit moist and it lays flat. Once it drys you won’t have a problem with it rolling up anymore.

  3. 8

    cindy cook says

    I am in the process of making the cat skoodie for my granddaughter, on the last part of the hood at the moment. She LOVES! it already and is sort of rushing me to finish it. It has worked up really fast. It has been years sense I have done anything to do with crafting and feels so good to have something to keep my hands busy, being so very cute is a huge bonus! I am doing mine in hot pink ( she LOVES pink ) and it will match her winter coat, using white for the inner ears and paws. I could not figure out the FDC stitch…I am a self taught crocheter , AND left handed, so, I had a hard time following the tutorial video , I just chained the amount of stitches I needed to get her length in the arms ( allowing room for growth ) and double crocheted instead. Thank you so very much for this wonderful pattern!

    • 9

      Tamara Kelly says

      You’re very welcome cindy! The FDC isn’t for everybody, ch and dc is definitely a good option! :) I’m glad you’re enjoying the pattern!

  4. 11

    Catherine says

    I run my own sanctuary and am thrilled to find these patterns as I can make as many cat beds and nests as I like with cheap and recycled yarn. Thank you!

  5. 12

    Myzfit says

    I am an experienced crochet fanatic and have made multiple afghans, doilies and even a few amigurumi. I have recently, however, come up with the idea to begin making cat and dog toys for, not only my two lovely felines, but to donate 50% of the proceeds of selling them at craft shows to my grandmother’s organization; PA Cares for Kids. It is a wonderful non profit business that is run SOLELY on donations and they make the interview process as comfortable and painless for children of abuse (up to the age of 18) as possible. Being a child of abuse and having to go through the traumatic process several years ago of being interviewed MANY times and ALMOST needing to appear in court, I can certainly appreciate PA Cares for Kids because they record the entire interview to play at the court case AND everyone that needs to be present IS in a SEPARATE room watching the live interview which is done by my grandmother, the Forensic Investigator. They can all see the interview as it’s being done, and grandma gives them all a chance to tell her any additional questions they need or she may have missed to be sure they cover EVERYTHING in ONE interview. For my interviews it was always in a very unwelcoming conference room as well. My grandmother’s interviews are not only located in a house that is meant to feel homely and welcoming, but the actual interview room is made as comfortable as possible for the child with a very soft chair to sit in, and soft colors and child-like items around the room, to make it feel even more homely. They are a wonderful organization and so the idea to help them through my crocheting (which I simply CAN’T get enough of) is one I am very very excited about. I love the patterns here and plan to try out a few on my own kitties before going on to the craft show level. Wish me luck!

  6. 14

    Laura says

    I am trying to get the English version of the “nest” pattern. It said to scroll to bottom of page to get them but I don’t see anything. Would love to make these for my daughters cats and mine as well.

    • 15

      Tamara Kelly says

      I’m seeing it, but it’s small and easy to miss! Look for the photo of the cat standing outside the nest and reaching in – it’s right under that. :)

      • 16

        Laura says

        Thanks Tamara for replying but for some reason I don’t have any little pictures on my page. I even tried to refresh the page. :(

          • 18

            Debra says

            For those that CANT FIND the pattern of the cat nest, go back to the picture. You’ll see the word ‘Nest’ in pink. Click on that and it takes you to the pattern. On the bottom of THAT page is where you find the English instructions, NOT on the bottom of this page.

    • 23

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Paula! And thank you! I have a couple of roundups geared towards men, what did you have in mind?

          • 31

            Liane Collins says

            Ah – there you see that’s where I was showing how (not very) bright I was. I was looking at the bottom of your blog page – not the bottom of the Nest pattern page. It’s been a long day!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you Tamara.

  7. 33

    Ginger says

    I’m making the nest for my chihuahua. Instead of cutting the yarn at the doorway I just turned the work. Much easier an nicer edges.

  8. 36

    Brigitte says

    I love the crochet igloo for the cat. Would you be so kind and send me the crochet instructions please. I could not find them in English at the bottom of the page. Thank you so much in advance, Brigitte

    • 37

      Tamara Kelly says

      They start about half way down the page at the pattern page linked. :) I can’t email them, they aren’t mine to give.

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