Don’t Frog that Frog: 10 Free Crochet Frog Patterns!

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Usually when a crocheter hears the word “frog” they think of pulling out stitches (rippit, rippit!), and undoing minutes, if not hours of work – not a fun thing! While frogs are usually slimy, (or for yarn-users tragic), today’s roundup features a far friendlier bit of frogging – crochet frog patterns! And they’re all free!

Free Crochet Frog Patterns! Hop to it!(Disclaimer: post includes affiliate links)

10 Free Crochet Frog Patterns

  1. Tree Frog by Brigitte Read, on Roman Sock: It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to I think this one might be it! It’s the perfect blend of realism and cute!Roman Sock Tree Frog :: Free Crochet Frog Patterns! Hop to it!
  2. 0-3 Month Frog Hat by Corina Gray, on Stitch11: So adorable! Love the eyes on this one!Stitch11 Frog Hat :: Free Crochet Frog Patterns! Hop to it!
  3. Ovetti amigurumi by airali handmade, a Ravelry download: Offered in both Italian and English, these are too cute – and great for hiding gifts and treats for kids! The frog is amazing – as are the rest of the creatures!Ovetti Amigurumi :: Free Crochet Frog Patterns! Hop to it!
  4. Frog Bib by Lion Brand Yarn: A fun project for a sweet baby – I can see a whole set of these with different features and colors as a gift set!Frog Bib :: Free Crochet Frog Patterns! Hop to it!
  5. Frog Dissection 101 by Helen Fey, a Ravelry download: This one isn’t cute, but it’s very cool! Educational AND animal friendly! And definitely not your grandma’s crochet!Frog Dissection 101 :: Free Crochet Frog Patterns! Hop to it!
  6. Frog Backpack by Lily / Sugar’n Cream: This one is too fun for little (and big) frog fans! Put that big mouth to work!Frog Backpack :: Free Crochet Frog Patterns! Hop to it!
  7. Crochet Frog Hat, on Why Not Make It?: This one is for 2-3 year olds, and I’m in love with those little feet! It does use UK terms, but the pictures make it look easy!Crochet Frog Hat :: Free Crochet Frog Patterns! Hop to it!
  8. Huggable Frog Pillow by Bernat Design Studio: Pillow animals are a hot gift for kids!Huggable Frog Pillow :: Free Crochet Frog Patterns! Hop to it!
  9. Ami baskets – panda, piggy and frog by Handy Kitty, a Ravelry download: I love all these little guys! So handy too!Ami Baskets :: Free Crochet Frog Patterns! Hop to it!
  10. Happy Frog by Suzielah Rahmad, on mindnsoul: Funny and cartoony, and very popular!Happy Frog :: Free Crochet Frog Patterns! Hop to it!

Tomato the Frog by Heidi Bears :: Crochet Frog PatternsDoes one of these patterns have you jumping up to grab some yarn and a hook? Possibly the most popular crochet frog out right now is Tomato the Frog by Heidi Bears – love those African Flowers! What’s your favorite frog pattern? Share it in the comments!

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    • 2

      Lola Berno says

      i am trying to find rhe frog pattern for ward the frog crochet pattern i used to have it but had a house fire and lost all my patterns i am wanting to get the pattern if i can it is an older pattern i sure wou;d like to have a pattern if you know how i can get a copy please let me know

      • 3

        Tamara Kelly says

        Hi Lola! Sorry to hear of your troubles! I’m afraid I can’t find any record of a pattern for “Ward the Frog,” I’m sorry!

  1. 4

    christine dewing says

    I need a not so cutesy frog applique to go on my waterlily afghan…still searching! Thanks for the dissected frog link, that’s going to a friend in nursing school!

  2. 11


    Crochet Frog Hat [and other patterns]

    I accept i’m probably very dim, but the only download i can see is to convert a doc to pdf. Could you tell me please where is the link to download the pattern as a pdf. Many thx Gill

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