Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: Free Crochet Avengers Patterns!

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The Avengers movie was a runaway hit, and with a spin off TV show and sequel in the works, this comic book turned blockbuster has inspired a devoted fandom of it’s own! And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that fandoms and crochet go together like shawarma and awkward silences. So without further ado, here are some free crochet Avengers patterns!

Free #Crochet Avengers Patterns!

Free Crochet Avengers Patterns

(click the name of the pattern in blue to go to the pattern page!)

  1. Loki Amigurumi by Jess Newstone, on Over the Bifrost: This is so amazing! I love the level of detail here – the hat is even removable!Free #Crochet Avengers Patterns :: Loki Amigurumi
  2. Thor Amigurumi by Jess Newstone, on Over the Bifrost: Another excellent Avengers amigurumi by this amazing designer (and his hat come off too)! And her Tumblr is full of pictures of tiny Loki and Thor having all sorts of adventures, which is just awesome.Free #Crochet Avengers Patterns :: Thor Amigurumi
  3. Crocheted Iron Man Fingerless Gloves by Louis Mensinger, a Ravelry download: Save the world with fingerless mitts! It’s much easier if you can feel what you’re doing after all.Free #Crochet Avengers Patterns :: Iron Man Fingerless Gloves
  4. Lil’ Iron Man by Rachel Hoe, on Little Yarn Friends: Gold titanium alloy, yarn, same thing, right?Free #Crochet Avengers Patterns :: Li'l Iron Man
  5. Avengers Charts by Jessica Evans, on The Happy Hooker Blog: Assemble the perfect intarsia, Tunisian, or tapestry crochet project!Free #Crochet Avengers Patterns :: Avengers Charts
  6. Loki Hat by Hannah Sanders, on Bats In My Belfry: For those burdened with glorious purpose!Free #Crochet Avengers Patterns :: Loki Hat
  7. Captain America! by Corina Gray, on Stitch11: The hat for a good old fashioned hero!Free #Crochet Avengers Patterns :: Captain America!
  8. Thor Hat by Hannah Sanders, on Bats In My Belfry: With great power comes a very heavy hammer!Free #Crochet Avengers Patterns :: Thor Hat
  9. Avengers Finger Puppets (links in description) by Shawna Borst, on CrochetBot 3000: Enact your finger sized fantasies with a tiny Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk!Free #Crochet Avengers Patterns :: Avengers Finger Puppets
  10. Hulk Soda Cozy by Tia Davis, on And Iron Man too! They both do prefer their beverages chilly. It’s canonFree #Crochet Avengers Patterns :: Hulk and Iron Man Soda Covers.

Are you an Avengers fan? Are you getting excited for the sequel? Have you made any of these free crochet avengers patterns? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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