Doctor Who Crochet: Allons-y with 10 Free Patterns!

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My sister, my daughter, my friends – Doctor Who fanatics are everywhere, and it’s a fandom that’s growing every year. I’ll admit I’ve watched rather a few episodes myself. This BBC show has been on (and off… and on) since 1963, and appeals to children and adults alike. So of course, there’s plenty of Doctor Who crochet out there! Today I’ve gathered 10 of the best free Doctor Who crochet patterns out there in one place – try not to squeal too loudly!

10 Free Doctor Who Crochet Patterns:

  1. Mini Doctor Whos by Nyss Parkes, a Ravelry download: Patterns for the basic body and embellishments to make all eleven Doctors are included! Fantastic!Mini Doctor Whos - Doctor Who Crochet Patterns for themall! Free!
  2. Weeping Angel Statue by Shirley MacDonald, a Ravelry download: Who would the Doctor be without a few nemeses? This one is cute, but don’t blink!Weeping Angel Statue - Doctor Who Crochet Pattern!
  3. Dalek Egg Cosy by Ellie Skene, a Ravelry download: Egg-sterminate! Or add a little circle to the bottom to make a plushie – your choice!Dalek Egg Cozy - Doctor Who Crochet Pattern!
  4. Amigurumi “Fat” Baby by Jennifer Christensen, a Ravelry download: Who could be opposed to a little adipose when it looks like this? Adorable!Amigurumi "Fat" Baby - Doctor Who Crochet Pattern!
  5. TARDIS Bag by Jessica Evans, on The Happy Hooker Blog: Disclaimer – probably not bigger on the inside!TARDIS Bag - Doctor Who Crochet Pattern!
  6. Crochet TARDIS Hat by Acquanetta Ferguson, on Olive and Brook: Wearing it won’t give you telepathic translations of everything said around you, but odds are you’ll hear from some fellow fans!Crochet TARDIS Hat
  7. Fez Toilet Paper Roll Cover by Denise Plourde, on IrishLace: Fezzes are cool. Whether or not TP cozies are cool is a matter of hot debate… But they are a perfect match!Fez Toilet Paper Cosy - Doctor Who Crochet Pattern!
  8. Dalek Hat by Lisa Murray, on Thistle Rose Studio, via Ravelry: Crochet the hat, then destroy your enemies! Or just stay warm. Be sure to click on the “Download available HERE” link to get the pattern!Dalek Hat - Doctor Who Crochet Pattern!
  9. Night Sky TARDIS Scarf, by Tattiana Talahandra, on Gamer Girl Universe: Absolutely perfect yarn choices! Wear it to visit every star that ever was.Night Sky TARDIS Scarf - Doctor Who Crochet Pattern!
  10. Ood Ski Mask Crochet Pattern by Lilana Wofsey Dohnert, a Ravelry Download: We must feed… you, if you are hungry. Though you’ll have to take the mask off to eat. I think.Ood Ski Mask - Doctor Who Crochet Pattern!

I’m so sorry, but that’s the end of this roundup. The weirdest people are the best people – and I hope that if you count yourself among the Whovians you’ve enjoyed all the free Doctor Who crochet patterns I’ve gathered here today!

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  1. 1

    Douglas Hill says

    Rounded up all of the patterns except for the Night Sky TARDIS Scarf. For some reason the link leads to a page not found page on Moogly. Can you fix the link and repost? Thanks!!!

    • 2

      Tamara Kelly says

      Sorry about that – I caught it and fixed it as soon as I could. My internet is mysteriously spotty today! Should be fine now. :)

  2. 3

    Brandy says

    My 11 year old daughter and I are dedicated Whovians and I will be making the daleks, the weeping angel, and of course a few of the Doctors. Maybe even an Adipose. Cute little thing! Thanks for this! :)

  3. 9

    Shannon Egan says

    My geek worlds collide!!! LOVE to combine the Who with crafting. I knitted a Weeping Angel dishcloth for a coworker. Can’t wait to crochet one for the office!

  4. 11

    Tattiana says

    Wow i didnt know my pattern made it here! Awesomesauce!
    The Night Sky TARDIS scarf was a work in progress but if people have any questions please feel free to ask. I didnt know it would make its way over here to Moogly. Thanx a ton Tamara! ** hugs**

    • 12

      Tamara Kelly says

      😀 Yay! I tried to comment on your blog but it might not have gone through. I’m so glad you’re pleased! It’s a great scarf!

  5. 13

    Jennifer says

    I’ve seen this post in my facebook and e-mail several times & every time I see “Doctors who crochet.” Just wanted to share :)

  6. 18

    Marrie says

    well…you know..after reading the heading of this page i remember there is my aunt in Qatar who also use to crochet!’ most loving thing is that i informed about moogly!..and she is now a days watching your tutorials!..i am spreading the words of moogly…..♥

  7. 21

    Marrie says

    oh!..come on!…why thanks?..its my pleasure!
    2nd of all…..its actually good for my aunty coz she’ll learn more better from your adorable and best website!..:)…♥♥♥

  8. 26

    Jennifer says

    Thank you for these! I’m not a very proficient crocheter, but these make me want to try harder!

  9. 27

    Rebecca says

    Love your blog!!! one of my favourites. Not sure if anyone else is having troubles loading the Dalek hat, but everytime I click on it I get “page not found”

    • 28

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you so much Rebecca! It looks like they moved the pattern, so I’ve fixed the link to the new location. :) Thanks for the heads up!

    • 31

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Debbie! Looks like she moved the pattern to a new site about a week ago! I’ve updated the link with the new URL. Thank you for letting me know!


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