Scarves Go Year Round! Free Crochet Patterns for Spring & Summer Scarves

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Scarves aren’t just for winter anymore! Spring and summer scarves are popping up all over, with big open weaves and skinny little patterns that you can wear when it’s just a little drafty, or wear as an all day accessory! In today’s roundup (another reader request!) I’ve lined up 10 free patterns for crochet spring and summer scarves to keep you on trend and just cozy enough!

Spring and Summer Scarves to Crochet - free patterns for a year round look!

10 Free Patterns for Crochet Spring and Summer Scarves

  1. Summer Snowflake Scarf by Elizabeth Myers, a Ravelry download: Gorgeous lace with the look of motifs – but it’s all one strand! Love that!Summer Snowflake Scarf - Spring and Summer Scarves to Crochet!
  2. Romantic summer scarf by A la Sascha, in sascha-lovetoknit: Works up in just 2 hours, and so cool in soft cotton!Romantic Summer Scarf - Spring and Summer Scarves to Crochet!
  3. Summer Shells Scarf by Mimi Alelis, in Crochet and Other Stuff: Made with crochet cotton thread, this is a “smart-looking, practical and comfortable” accessory!Summer Shells Scarf - Spring and Summer Scarves to Crochet!
  4. Tails Summer Scarf by Cindy Kamps, a Ravelry download: Love that long fringe – so fun!Tails Summer Scarf - Spring and Summer Scarves to Crochet!
  5. Crocheted Mesh Scarf by Heidi Hirtle, on Lilibeth’s Garden Blog: Big big mesh in a great beginner crochet pattern!Crocheted Mesh Scarf - Spring and Summer Scarves to Crochet!
  6. Spring Frills Scarf by Anneliese, on Aesthetic Nest: So light and fun!Spring Frills Scarf - Spring and Summer Scarves to Crochet!
  7. Bean Blossom Scarf by Sue Perez, on Mr. Micawber’s Recipe for Happiness: This uses less than half a skein of yarn, and I love the way it comes together!

    Bean Blossom Scarf - Spring and Summer Scarves to crochet!

  8. Springtime Scarf by Vickie Howell, a Ravelry download: Bold and delicate at the same time!Springtime Scarf - Spring and Summer Scarves to Crochet!
  9. Spring Flowers Crocheted Scarf by Alla Koval, on My Little CityGirl: So gorgeous!Spring Flowers Scarf - Spring and Summer Scarves to Crochet!
  10. Summer Lace Cowl by Tamara Kelly, on Moogly: Well that looks familiar! Made with sport weight yarn it’s open and airy and great for warm weather!Summer Lace Cowl - Spring and Summer Scarves to Crochet!

Have you made a spring or summer weight scarf before? Do you only wear them when you’re chilly, or do you wear them like jewelry? Tell me about how you wear scarves in the comments!

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    Tamara once again thanks for the great patterns. You always find such fun and pretty patterns I truly appreciate all the work and time you spend on it. I will be making a few of these for summer. Thanks again

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