Crochet Hair Accessories: 12 Free Patterns!

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Crochet hair accessories are a fantastic summertime (or anytime!) project. They’re quick, don’t take a ton of yarn, are great for on the go, and help keep your hair back and neck cool! Crochet hair accessories are also great for craft shows – build your inventory fast! And if you’ve got a little girl you crochet for, they’re sure to be a hit. So without further ado, here are 10 free crochet hair accessories patterns from other designers, plus 2 from Moogly!

Crochet Hair Accessories - Perfect for summer! 12 free patterns

12 Free Crochet Hair Accessories Patterns

  1. Cute Bow Headband by Rachel H.cornflower blue studio blog: One size fits all (really!) and super cute! This pattern is no longer available. Try the Headband with Bow on Creative Yarn instead!Cute Bow Headband - crochet hair accessories, free pattern!
  2. The Crochet Leaf Headband by Sara Dudek, a Ravelry download: For fall in gold and red, for summer in bright gorgeous green! So pretty!Crochet Leaf Headband - crochet hair accessories, free pattern!
  3. Easy Ponytail Holder by Connie Haney, a Ravelry download: A true classic! Make one in every color!Easy Ponytail Holders - crochet hair accessories, free pattern!
  4. Frilly Scrunchy by Naoko Kimura, a Ravelry download: A delicate version of the crocheted scrunchie! Lovely!Frilly Scrunchy - crochet hair accessories, free pattern!
  5. Flower Hair Clips and Hair Elastics by Mel Paton, on Mel P Designs Blog: Very cute! And a great idea – use and little applique or embellishment to make a custom piece!Flower Hair Clips and Elastics - crochet hair accessories, free pattern!
  6. Hair Spirals by Danyel Pink, on CrazySocks Crochet Blog: Another classic – very retro, but still popular with the littles (and some bigs too I bet)!Hair Spirals - crochet hair accessories, free pattern!
  7. Grecian Hair-band by Lena Virginia Birse, a Ravelry download: Super simple, and incredibly elegant. And you’ll love the clever fastening!Grecian Hair-band - crochet hair accessories, free pattern!
  8. Frilly Flowery Hair Ties by Janette Williams, on The Green Dragonfly: I love these come together – and they look fantastic!Frilly Flowery Hair Ties - crochet hair accessories, free pattern!
  9. Sweet Little Bows by Sara Freisberg, on tangled happy: I love the combination of crochet and ribbon here – these are adorable!Sweet Little Bows - crochet hair accessories, free pattern!
  10. Tiara Headband by Kate Dimech, on Little Red’s Craft Cupboard: You don’t have to be a fan of The Big Bang Theory to recognize the power of putting on a tiara!Tiara Headband - crochet hair accessories, free pattern!
  11. All Too Perfect Bun Cover on Moogly: Designed to fit small buns with instructions for upsizing! Made for a friend’s ballet-dancing daughter!All Too Perfect Bun Cover - Crochet Hair Accessories, free pattern!
  12. Catherine Crochet Headband on Moogly: In two sizes, to fit children as well as teens/adults. And modeled by my oldest!Catherine Crochet Headband - crochet hair accessories, free pattern!

There are tons of free patterns out there for crochet hair accessories, but this is a pretty good sampling of what’s available – and hopefully there’s something here to fit your taste! Have you crocheted hair accessories before? What’s your favorite pattern to use? Share it in the comments! And if you’ve been featured, grab the button to the left and show off!

Catherine Crochet Headband: free pattern at moogly

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  1. 4

    Katie Cottingham says

    Thank you for finding such a great collection of simple patterns! I could possibly even get my sisters to try some of these! I don’t know of it was changed recently, but the link for #1 says it is an “invite only” blog. Sad because it’s super cute. But there’s still plenty to keep hands busy. 😉 Thanks again!

  2. 6

    Debbie says

    Sadly I can not get any patterns… they say they are free but I’m not having any luck. Sad as I like and trust this site.

    • 7

      Tamara Kelly says

      I’m not sure why you’re having trouble Debbie. Did you click on the names of the patterns? They are links that should take you to the patterns.

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