Crochet Cover-ups for Swimsuit Season!

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The heat! THE HEAT! It’s been brutal here in the Midwest, and I know other areas of the country haven’t been fairing any better. Whether you head to the beach or the pool, water is the best cure for this crazy summer heat wave. And if you’re like me, you like to have a light cover up for the out-of-the-water moments. Why settle for a terrycloth robe when you can make these free patterns?

Crochet Swimsuit Cover-ups: 10 Free Patterns pool beachCrochet coverups are a great summer project. Lacy, open fabric makes them cool to work on and fast to finish. Simple or fancy, short or long, there are several great free options available online right now.

10 Free Crochet Swimsuit Cover-up Patterns

  1. Party by the Pool Coverup by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby (XS – 5X): The designer from Urban Edge has written this great coverup pattern that goes from poolside to out on the town. Rated as an intermediate in difficulty, the shaping is easy but the stitch pattern is a little more interesting. pool swim coverup robe free crochet pattern
  2. South Beach Coverup by Ann Regis (Bust: 36, 41, 46): This dress style coverup offers a little more cover, and while the v stitch pattern might be a little easier to make, the variations keep it interesting. Ravelry users rate this one easy to moderate in difficulty. south beach coverup free crochet pattern pool swim swimsuit dress
  3. Beach Cover-up / Tunic from Lion Brand (S/M, L, 1X/2X): This one provides tons of coverage – providing you make it as long as you need it to be. Simple rows of offset hdc filet make it breathable without getting too “holey.” Skill level is listed as Intermediate. beach coverup tunic robe sweater free crochet pattern pool water swim swimsuit
  4. Webby Sundress or Skirt by Erika and Monika Simmons (S – 2X): This pattern doesn’t provide a ton of coverage on it’s own, but it makes up for that in amazing versatility and fun! Wear it as a sundress over a slip, wear it as a coverup at the pool, or wear it around your hips everywhere you go. This one is rated as Intermediate, but Ravelry users seemed to think it was a little easier than that. Webby Sundress or Skirt free crochet pattern simmons swim suit cover up
  5. Beach Cover Up by Lion Brand (S – 2X): This one is for those who want lots of coverage up top while they show off their legs below! It also looks great paired with jeans, and with a rating of Easy, it’s great for beginners. Beach Cover Up swimsuit free crochet pattern swimming pool easy
  6. 65-9 Crochet Cardigan or Pullover by DROPS design (One size: 140 cm / 55-1/8″): Lacey and lovely, this pattern is available in 7 languages, and looking at the Ravelry gallery, it looks amazing on everyone who wears it. It looks complicated, but really it’s just squares sewn together, which leads to a difficulty rating of Easy to crochet pattern cardigan coverup swim beach pullover motifs squares
  7. Swimsuit Cover up – From a Beach Towel by Sara Sach (varies): Don’t have time to make an entire coverup? This clever pattern will have you all set up in no time! And you’ll never forget your towel either. This one is great for the kids too! swimsuit cover up beach towel crochet free pattern beads
  8. Splash ‘n’ Fun Cover-up by Jenny King(child 2-3 and 4-5): Here’s one for the kids only! So cute! It’s listed as a girl’s pattern, but that’s because it comes with a swimsuit pattern – the coverup should work equally well for little boys. Listed as Intermediate, I suspect that that too refers to the suit. The coverup looks to be pretty easy, just a simple mesh. Splash 'n' Fun Cover-up free crochet pattern child girl boy swimsuit pool beach
  9. Beach Cover-Up (Tunic Style or Wrap Around) by Emi Harrington (custom): This brand new pattern features instructions for truly custom sizing and two ways to wear it. There’s even a youtube tutorial to make it as easy as can be!Beach Cover-Up swimsuit free crochet pattern tunic wrap around sarong
  10. Water’s Edge Cover-up by Emily Nelson (32”,34”, 36”, 38”, 40”, 42”): This little skirt wrap is definitely fast and very cute! Great for those who don’t want a whole coverup, just a little extra coverage. It’s easy to see how to adjust the pattern to fit if you fall outside the listed sizes, so don’t be afraid to go “off pattern.”


  1. swimsuit skirt coverup cover free crochet pattern adjustable


Take a closer look at most of these patterns, and you’ll discover that lots of swimsuit cover-ups are pretty simple – pretty much just a few rectangles. So if you find a basic shape you like, but think the stitches are either too open or too closed, don’t be afraid to design your very own custom creation! If you can make a washcloth or blanket, you can make a coverup all your own. Here’s hoping we can all stay a little cooler this week!

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      • 3

        moogly says

        Hi Judy! I haven’t made it myself, but looking at the finished projects on Ravelry, I see that there is at least one mistake in the pattern. The one I see mentioned most is “left front row 9: should say skip 9 ch-2 spaces, making 5 V-sts (and 4 ch-2 spaces in row 10) to match right front.” You may want to take a look at the notes on people’s projects, or some of the forum threads about it, to see how people have worked with it and what solutions they’ve found. I hope this helps!

  1. 7

    Nuwgurl says

    I am working on the South Beach Cover up, and there are a lot of mistakes in the instructions. It is a very pretty item. I am working on the skirt portion now, but I had to do some alterations to the top to get it to match up right.

    • 9

      Tamara Kelly says

      Yes, it’s rather open so the weight shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but you might want to try it on as you go. :)


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