Beautiful Crochet Lace: 10 Free Patterns

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Crochet lace is one of the oldest forms of crochet, and recently it’s gotten quite a revival as it’s moved beyond the collar and doily. Crochet shawls are more popular than ever, and certainly not just for grannies. One of the great things about lace is it’s speed – unless you’re working with tiny hooks and yarns, the inches just fly by! Because of the open spaces, it uses a lot less yarn, meaning you can splurge on nicer stuff and really make it last. Any you won’t get better drape and stretch than you do with lace fabric.

Crochet Lace Free Crochet Patterns

10 Free Crochet Lace Patterns

  1. Pierrot 25-13 Shawl – I made this one for my 10th anniversary trip to Jamaica. The trip was perfect and so was this shawl – just right for evenings on the beach. Since then it’s worked equally well in landlocked locales. Hopefully I have a steadier hand on most of those occasions…Crochet Lace Free Pattern
  2. Elise Shawl – This piece is a gorgeous, light, airy, and very popular triangular shawl. It’s all the rage on Ravelry, and offers both a written pattern and charted instructions. Free Crochet Lace Pattern Download
  3. Pierrot Summer Poncho – Currently available as a charted Japanese pattern, the English version is due out sometime in June. A poncho for the summer seems crazy, but made in light fingering weight yarn with open stitches, and this would be prefect for breezy evenings or indoor events. Crochet Lace Free Pattern
  4. Maui Shrug – I made this one for my mother, and it was so much fun! Just a simple fan repeat in cotton yarn, and it was done in a flash. This free crochet pattern is easily customizable too, both for size and lace pattern. Crochet Lace Free Pattern Shrug Bolero
  5. Filigree Bowl – Pretty, practical, and a guaranteed attention getter on any table! This bowl is crocheted with Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread and the stiffened to hold it’s shape. Stiffening crochet can be intimidating, but it’s easier than papier mache! Filigree Bowl Free Pattern Crochet Lace
  6. Irish Lace Scarf – Irish Lace is so often delicate and intricate and beautiful – who knew it could be so bold! I almost made this one for a summer wedding before I realized how warm it would be. It definitely on the list for when it cools down. Crochet Lace Free Pattern
  7. Jolimar Skirt Doris Chan is arguably one of the most famous crochet designers out there today, and this skirt pattern embodies her aesthetic. Lacy, lots of movement, and lots of sizes available. Lovely over a silk slip or super cute over a little girl’s leggings! Be sure to check out her books Amazing Crochet Lace and Crochet Lace Innovations for even more of her amazing lace designs.Free Pattern Crochet Lace Doris Chan
  8. Lace Greeting Card – If you want to try thread work and lace but don’t want to dive into a big giant project, this one is perfect. And how lovely for the recipient! I love her idea of doing this for a wedding. Free Pattern Crochet Lace Crochet Pattern
  9. Eva’s Shawl – This one has been on my to-do list for ages, and every time I see it I swear it’s next in line. You can make it in any yarn weight and since its top down you just stop when it’s the right size for you! Over 1200 people have made this one on Ravelry, so check out the gallery for lots of ideas! Free Pattern Crochet Lace Shawl Milobo
  10. My Picot – Lastly, I have to share with you all. This site doesn’t offer garments or finished patterns as such, but it has a large, amazing, and original collection of stitch patterns. The full color photos are fantastic and there are charts for every stitch. For a rectangular shawl or table runner, or even a simple shrug, it takes just a bit of swatching and simple math to create your own one of a kind pattern. There are dozens of lace and openwork stitch patterns, as well as textured patterns and motifs. I’m revealing one of my little secrets here – this site is a hidden gem! Free Crochet Lace Stitch Patterns
  11. Bonus Pattern: Chevron Lace Wrap, here on Moogly: Now there’s a bit of crochet lace for you to enjoy here at Moogly, with this gorgeous lace wrap featuring a classic chevron shape. Chart, video, and written instructions included.Chevron Lace Wrap: Free Crochet Pattern shawl scarf ripple fingering

This is just a tiny sampling of the hundreds, nay, thousands!, of crochet lace patterns out there. Some are frilly and feminine, while others stretch the boundaries of what lace can do. I hope you found something here to inspire you! Do you crochet lace at all? What are your favorite openwork patterns?

Crochet Lace Free PatternBe sure to Like the moogly Facebook page for the latest updates and have some fun with us. If you’re on Pinterest, check out the moogly board for even more inspiration.

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  1. 9

    Vanessa Bennett says

    I am in desperate need of Fillet crochet patterns or lace crochet books, i am willing to pay if any one has any or contact as to where to get them

    kind regards

  2. 12

    Sandie says

    The free pattern link (#11) from you isn’t working, did I miss it? It’s the one I am in love with…:(

  3. 14

    Karin says

    Wonderful site loved reading it all. Couldn’t get into the MyPicot site, is there another link I would love to look.

    Thank you for all the hard work you did.

    Hugs Karin

    • 16

      Tamara Kelly says

      No, that one is charted only, but the chart uses international symbols, which is how I was able to make it! :)


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