Basics of the Chevron Lace Wrap

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The Chevron Lace Wrap is a popular pattern here at moogly. It’s got great drape, a chevron lace wrap free crochet pattern moogly shawl scarf ripples lattice fingering threadmodern look, and with a repeating pattern it’s easy to memorize and make! The pattern includes a chart and written directions, and quite a few people have made their own Chevron Lace Wraps.

But not everyone reads charts, and sometimes the written directions just don’t cut it. So by request, now there’s a video for those who learn better this way!

How to Crochet: Basics of the Chevron Lace Wrap

I hope that this has made the directions for the Chevron Lace Wrap clearer for the visual crocheters! I made the sample for the video in thick yarn so you could see the stitches, though the pattern calls for fingering weight yarn. That said, people have asked about using a heavier weight yarn to make the wrap warmer, and you can absolutely do that! Just bump up the hook size so that you get the look and drape desired in your fabric. The pattern for the Chevron Lace Wrap also include instructions on making it narrower or wider – so it could be a scarf or even a blanket!

I love seeing what people make from moogly patterns, so if you make a Chevron Lace Wrap (or scarf, or…), then please pop over to the moogly Facebook page and share a photo!

chevron lace wrap free crochet pattern free crochet shawl pattern video tutorial chevronsBe sure to check out and like the moogly Facebook page to get the latest updates, links, sneak peeks, and more! Moogly is also on Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr – come join the fun! You can contact my privately at


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    This rocks! thank you so much- The funny thing is I thought I was doing it wrong, but I am doing it right! Yay! Seeing your video really helped. I just needed a little confidence.

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    Hi – Am I GLAD I found you; the Chevron lace pattern (written & video) and the diagram that is noted within the written pattern!!! Here’s why: I found a Chevron scarf pattern a few weeks ago and I went out & bought beautiful “pricey” yarn….well, the pattern left me miffed/frustrated. I sent an e-mail requesting help (maybe an error in the pattern???); no feed back so far. Being compulsive, I wanted a pattern for a Chevron scarf….NOW! So I searched on the Internet & found your site. It took me a bit to sort out the written pattern; in fact, I’m glad I also had the video to clarify & keep me on the right track….the diagram helped to “cinch the deal!” I just finished the first four rows and I do believe “I got it!” Following the suggestion from the inital pattern (the one I couldn’t figure out), I’m using about seven colors, using two colors at a time for four rows and then dropping a color and adding a new color, etc. Here’s hoping! Again, without you, your web site & help, I wouldn’t be “on my way!” Thank you! Thank you! Bea

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    Lisa says

    This is absolutely beautiful! So beautiful that a friend asked me to make it for her, my daughter asked for one and now my mother wants one too. I don’t know when I’ll be able to make one for me. lol It’s perfect for dress or casual dress and not to warm for summer. I am having a little trouble understanding what to do at certain times and have to keep referring back to the video, but like all the one’s I’ve done so far, I’ll get it eventually, I just have to continue practicing. Thank YOU for sharing this pattern!!!

    • 7

      Tamara Kelly says

      😀 You’re very welcome! Chevrons trip up a lot of people, so you’re not alone! Once you get the hand of it I’m sure it’ll fly off your hook. Which is a good thing with all those requests lol!

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    Madlain Yunkers says

    I am intrigued by your Chevron Lace Wrap. I I were to use it as a border, how would I turn the corners? I’ll appreciate an answer via e-mail at your convenience. I haven’t crocheted in a coon’s age and am a little rusty. Thank-you.

  5. 10

    Sarah says

    Oh, fantastic – I saw and loved this pattern but was also slightly intimidated by it. Having a video tutorial is definitely going to help!

  6. 11

    Michelle says

    HI! I LOVE your site and patterns – especially the Chevron Lace Infinity Scarf. I have been following the pattern for it and am getting tripped up. I had hoped you had a video for that specific pattern. While this is a great video and does help, this pattern differs from the chevron lace infinity pattern. Any chance you have a tutorial video for that pattern as well? Thanks in advance!!

  7. 15

    Naomi says

    I’m so happy you made this video to go along with the written pattern. I was missing a something and I couldn’t figure it out until I watched the video. Thank You!!!


  1. […] Chevron Lace Wrap Add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue As written, the finished size is 68″ long and 14″ wide. Want a narrower scarf or a wider shawl? Just add or subtract 20 stitches to the starting row! Using an H hook with fingering yarn makes for lots of drape and soft fabric, so if you bump up on the yarn thickness be sure to bump up the hook size too. ERRATA UPDATE 8/19/2012: Instructions for Row 4 have been rewritten – hopefully this will clear up any confusion. Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback! I strive to make the patterns as accurate and readable as possible, and rely on your help to do so. CHART ADDED: 8/18/2012 VIDEO TUTORIAL: Basics of the Chevron Lace Wrap […]

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