Basics of the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf

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artfully simple infinity scarf free crochet cowl pattern free crochet infinity scarf patternThe Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf pattern includes written instructions and a chart… and now there’s a video that gives a basic overview of how to get it started! Getting past the start of Row 2 was tripping a few people up (so if it gave you trouble, you’re not alone), but hopefully the following video will make it all clear!

Basics of the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf

So as you can see, the spiral forms because you don’t slip stitch and chain to start each new row – they’re just made in continuous strips around and around in a circle. If you look at the photo below, you can see that it just keeps going and going and going. artfully simple infinity scarf free crochet cowl pattern free crochet infinity scarf patternAnd remember too, that that’s the point – this mesh fabric winds and twists, and if you miss a stitch here or twist a chain there, that’s okay! Keep going! Those twists and turns give this piece it’s motion and shape, and makes each piece unique.

So don’t be afraid to dive right in, and make your own Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf! Check out the project gallery on Ravelry or the Moogly Facebook page to get some yarn and color inspiration – this pattern really shows off your own style. Then come share your photos with us!

artfully simple infinity scarf free crochet cowl pattern free crochet infinity scarf patternBe sure to check out and like the moogly Facebook page to get the latest updates, links, and sneak peeks. Moogly is also on Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr – come join the fun! You can contact me via the Facebook page or at


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  1. 4


    Like all of your video tutorials- this rocks! what an easy pattern, now that I see it worked. I was a little intimidated by the written pattern, but it looks super do-able now!!


  2. 9

    barb says

    hi,i’m having trouble,iv’e gotten to row 2 or 3 and all of a sudden the pattern is going the opposite direction, why is that? I have taken it apart down to the first row twice and now i need to take it apart again. what am I doing wrong. I love this pattern. I am supposed to be giving it as a gift in a couple days but can’t get past this issue. I also am a left hander so my climbing is to the right until i get to that row and all of a sudden it’s going left

  3. 12

    Wendy says

    Just wondering because I can’t find the beautiful Red heart Boutigue yarn in my area (or on line for that matter )lol!!..I had bought some Bernhardt Mosaic and doesn’t seem to be looking like yours ..So does the wool make a big difference in the finished product ….(I am a beginner so not sure if am doing something wrong …looking at the video I am not but doesn’t seem very clean or consistant like your pictures ….Thanks so much …..really love the scarf.

  4. 14

    Wendy says

    Thank you will have a look ,Also I see the zig zag comment ,maybe that’s where I am having difficulty ? Will keep at it .: )..Wendy

  5. 15

    Wendy says

    Hi there,
    Quick question for you ..On this particulat scarf did you use a smaller hook as I tried the K and did not get such nice tight stiches ,now am using the an “I” hook and still seems not as tight as yours ..the wool I have is different as still can’t locate your brand ,,but the Bernhardt Mosiac is quite thin …what am I doing wrong ? thanks so much…still is cool though but would love it to look as good as yours …: )

    • 16

      moogly says

      I did use the K but the yarn I used was different – with a thinner yarn you’ll definitely want a smaller hook! Just use the one that gives you the stitches you like, and then work the starting chain to about 60 inches long and go from there! :)

  6. 18

    Annie says

    Your Tutorial was just great! Thank you so much.
    It was very helpful. Now I know that I need to “join in the first chain to form a ring” – the chaining (2 dc, ch 5) portion I got – just wasn’t sure how one could continue without turning unless you formed a ring. Now that I see to form the ring with a sc, it will be a piece of cake.
    It is such a lovely piece. Making mine using the Redheart “with LOVE” super soft yarn in the Waterlily colour skein. Very elegant and feminine. Perfect accessory with jeans or slacks, or with a dressy outfit. Going to make several in various colours for family and friends.
    Thanks so much!

  7. 20

    Denita says

    Thank you so much for the video. Makes more sense now. I can’t wait to find some yarn this weekend and make one or I can see several in my future!!!!!

  8. 21

    Vickie says

    I absolutely love this scarf. I have made 2. I gave the first one to my friend and made another one for me. The only problem is I have made mine very long. Is there any way I can correct this problem. I love this scarf and would appreciate any help you could give me

    • 22

      moogly says

      Hi Vickie! To shorten the scarf, just reduce the number of chains you start with – chain to the desired length, then start in with the directions for Round 1. Since you don’t have to have a perfect stitch count, don’t worry too much about the counting.

  9. 25

    Vickie says

    I would like to share just a story. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 8. I am now in my 40’s. Haven’t picked up a needle since. Somehow it was like riding a bike. It came back so naturally. Every time I wear my scarf someone asks me to make one for them. I am now finishing one for my 18yo daughter and will start one for her best friend as soon as I get finished with my daughter’s. I can’t thank you enough for this quick, easy, and beautiful pattern.

  10. 27

    Raven says

    I DID IT! I am so happy now πŸ˜€

    Thank you so very much for the pattern and the video tut for it

    I am beaming here, huge grin lol


  11. 28


    I just finished one of these scarves a few minutes ago…At first, I couldn’t see how it was going to work, but as I continued crocheting, I got it. It’s so pretty..I had an afghan I’d started who knows when, was pulling it apart and winding the yarn into balls when I decided to just use one of the balls to make this scarf. So I don’t really know what brand of yarn I used, but now I’m ready to dig around in my stash and see what else I can come up with. I’m thinking these will make some fantastic gifts for family and friends.

  12. 30

    Connie says

    Do you have a video on how to make the tie? Not sure how but if I see how I would be able to figure it out.

  13. 33


    Muchas gracias por compartir, es hermosa y muy original para regalo esta sΓΊper, ya se que hacer … Espero seguir viniendo por acΓ‘ a visitar tu espacio…

  14. 36


    Thank you for this lovely pattern. I enjoyed your video tutorials to watch prior to getting started. :) What I most enjoyed about your video tutorial is that it was not offensive to the ears. Not a lot of loud or harsh music. You kept explanations simple and to the point without going down rabbit trails. <3

  15. 38

    Donna says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pattern. It is so easy and quick. Say the video and couldn’t wait to make one so used yarn I already had. I used Red Heart super saver in Wildflower. Not too bad, but can’t wait to get the Boutique yarn and make another one. Making them for Christmas presents. Thanks so much!! :)

  16. 40

    DeDe says

    I am so happy with this pattern, THANK YOU!!!
    I just purchased my first ever HANK of Merino, extra fine, hand painted wool from peru and this is working up Beautifu! Very, very thankful for this free pattern.
    Look forward to future moogly patterns.
    Happy crocheting

  17. 45

    Lynn says

    Thank you very much for the excellent video on how to complete the button tie. I followed along and completed it successfully!


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