Crochet Photo Props for Beautiful Baby Photography

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Crochet Photo Props for baby photography have definitely become a big thing over the last few years! From doting moms and dads to professional photographers, crochet props are a big hit, and often used to set the perfect scene. So this roundup is for the parents, the pros, and those who make crochet items to sellย  – 10 gorgeous and free crochet baby photo prop patterns!

10 Great FREE patterns for Crochet Baby Photo Props!

10 Free Baby Crochet Photo Prop Patterns

  1. Simple Baby Cocoon Photo Prop by Sarah Boccolucci, on Tots and Bottoms Blog: The quintessential cocoon, this pattern works up quickly with super bulky yarn and keeps the focus on baby!Simple Baby Cocoon - Crochet Photo Prop
  2. Turtle Love by Corina Gray, on Stitch11: There’s a great photo tutorial for this turtle shell – and the hat pattern is included!Turtle Love - Crochet Photo Prop
  3. Dino photo prop by Teri Heathcote, on Knot Your Nana’s Crochet: Here that baby roar!Dino Photo Prop - Crochet Photo Prop
  4. Hula Baby Photo Prop Pattern by Aimee Arnold, a Ravelry download: I love it! Relax, baby!Hula Baby - Crochet Photo Props
  5. Newborn Top Hat for Photoshoots by Ashlee Prisbrey, on Ashlee Marie: How adorable is this! Instructions for a girl’s version and a boy’s version are both included.Newborn Top Hat - Crochet Photo Props
  6. Stork Pouch Photography Prop by Alli Hyer, on Alli Crafts: These are so cute, but please remember to never leave baby unattended!Stork Pouch - Crochet Photo Prop
  7. Mermaid Tail by Kat Goldin, in The Guardian: Adorable, and in high demand!Mermaid Tail - Baby Crochet Photo Props
  8. Giraffe Hat and Diaper Cover Set by Unfuzzy Boutique, on Busting Stitches: Giraffes are the thing!Giraffe Hat and Diaper Cover - Baby Crochet Photo Props
  9. Dr. Seuss Inspired Hats by Micah York, on Micah Makes: Perfect for twins or siblings!Dr Suess Inspired Hats - Crochet Photo Props
  10. Flower Hat / Photo Prop by Thomasina Cummings, a Ravelry download: Perfect for spring and summer babies!Flower Hat - Crochet Photo Prop

Do you make photo props? Do you take photos of babies and use crochet items? What sorts of things are you looking for? Share you thoughts and ideas in the comments!

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  1. 1


    Thank you so much for including my hula baby photo prop in this gorgeous list of patterns! I can’t wait to check out more of your blog :)

    • 4

      kelli says

      Hello! My mother in law is trying to make this for my newborn. I don’t crochet so I’m not much help to her. She’s got the ribbing and rows 1-4 of the tail done. She’s unsure on how to connect into the round. Any ideas? Thank you!

      • 5

        Tamara Kelly says

        Hi Kelli! Here’s how the pattern says to connect to work in the round:

        “Round 1: Fold work in half and dc into the top of the first 3ch in the previous row. This will connect the work into the round.”

        So basically, you fold the tail in half, so that the first st of the previous row is sandwiched next to the last st of the previous row. Then, start working double crochet sts into the first 3 sts of the previous round.
        Does that help?

  2. 6

    Helen Charbonneau says

    I have a niece that has a baby girl in 12 months clothes. Can you tell me about how many stitches more I should start with on the mermaid tail. Thank you She really wants me to make one and I appreciate any help you can give me..

  3. 11

    Michelle says

    Everything looks lovely! I’m looking for a mohair newborn pixie bonnet pattern. All of the ones I’m finding are for sale and I was hoping to find a free pattern. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • 16

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Donna! If you click on the names of the patterns you like here, you’ll go to the written instructions! :) Another good source is! :)

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