Interesting and Unusual Crochet Stitch Patterns: 10 Free Tutorials

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For many crocheters, inspiration can come not just from finished patterns, but from the stitches themselves! It could be a stitch pattern they see in a finished object, a stitch pattern found online, or one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of stitch patterns found in crochet stitch dictionaries. Personally I love my stitch dictionaries – they inspire me every day! But there are some amazing stitch patterns to be found online too, and many of them include great tutorials. Here are 10 interesting and unusual crochet stitch patterns I found online!

Interesting and Unusual Crochet Stitch Patterns - 10 free tutorials!

10 Interesting and Unusual Crochet Stitch Patterns

  1. Interlocking Filet Stitch by Marinka, on Crochethook: Like almost all stitch patterns, the origins of this stitch are a mystery! But luckily it’s been preserved here, with a step by step tutorial.ย  Very cool effect!Interlocking Filet Stitch - unusual crochet stitch patterns
  2. Abstract Crochet Cats by Teresa Richardson, on Crochet Geek: Always a hit with cat people! And of course, a video tutorial from Crochet Geek is included.Abstract Crochet Cats - unusual crochet stitch patterns
  3. “Samurai” Crochet Relief Stitch pattern by Daria Nassiboulina, on This tutorial includes instructions in both Russian and English. I’ve played with this stitch myself and it takes some practice to keep just the right tension on the stitch that goes across, but it’s a very neat look!"Samurai" Crochet Relief Stitch - unusual crochet stitch patterns
  4. Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch Pattern by Janis Cortese, a Ravelry download: I remember a couple years ago when someone posted a picture of a vintage blanket made in this stitch pattern – it was a challenge to recreate it, but luckily Janis did so and shared!Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch - unusual crochet stitch patterns
  5. Larksfoot by Marte Salvesen, a Ravelry download: Lots of step by step photos included with the instructions in both English and Norwegian.Larksfoot - unusual crochet stitch patterns
  6. Blended Arrows Stitch by Sarah Williamson, on Engineered Crochet: This eye-catching stitch pattern is a classic!Blended Arrows Stitch - unusual crochet stitch patterns
  7. Crochet Shred Stitch by Linda Skuja, on Eleven Handmade Crochets by Linda Skuja:ย This page is no longer available.
  8. Shepherd’s Knitting AKA Bosnian Crochet by Amore Fecit, on Amore Fecit: So interesting! It’s essentially FLO slip stitching in a spiral… I think? A good starting point for something I’d like to learn more about. Also interesting to note that at one time Tunisian or Afghan crochet was referred to as Shepherd’s Knitting – names are so fluid!Shepherd's Knitting - unusual crochet stitch patterns
  9. Clamshell Pattern by Sandra Paul, on Cherry Heart: Lots of variations on this stitch going around right now!Clamshell Pattern - unsual crochet stitch pattern
  10. Apache Tears by Sarah London, on Sarah London: Sarah breaks down several variations of this interesting stitch – with gorgeous results!Apache Tears - unusual crochet stitch pattern

I hope you found a crochet stitch pattern here to inspire your next project! What’s your favorite stitch pattern? Is there one you turn to time and again? Do you have a favorite stitch dictionary? I’ve had my favorite stitch guide, 300 Crochet Stitches (The Harmony Guides, V. 6) since 2006, and I’ve recently added The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 Classic & Original Patterns to my library and I’m finding lots of inspiration there as well! Share your thoughts and favorites in the comments!

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  1. 5

    diane says

    Thank you so much for these & I’ll definitely be testing them out to see if they pass the “easy on my hands” test!

    I recently discovered Meladora’s butterfly stitch – which has risen to my top favorite as it looks great no matter what type of yarn/hook size is used. There’s also a “Mindless” stitch?/scarf on Ralvery that’s also great as it self-scallops the side and is easy peasy on the hands.

  2. 6

    Angie says

    I love the pattern for Apache Tears!!
    My boyfriend is a Cherokee and a tribal member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee in NC. I am always looking for Indian inspired crochet and sewing. I think he would really love this in the Cherokee colors. I wouldn’t mind doing this for our wedding blanket (when the two are joined as one a blanket is drapped over the shoulders of both bride and groom to symbolize there unity) I would have to figure out how to t make it great big, big enough to wrap us together. I guess I could do it in pieces and then join each square together.

    • 8

      Angie says

      Well it might be a never mind on this one. I just started it and the first 5 rows are fine but then you get to row 6 and completely lost with no GPS signal!!! Arrrggg!! She is way talented and I’m way confused!!

  3. 13


    Thanks so much for the interesting stitches. I look wide and far to find stitches to add texture and dimension to my crochet. I especially LOVE the Samurai stitch. So cool….

    • 14

      Tamara Kelly says

      Isn’t it great! I recently found a whole bunch of variations on this, collectively called “wrapped stitches” – I thought that seemed very apt!

  4. 15

    oranges says

    The shred stitch link is not available anymore. But thank you for sharing all of these stitch patterns! (And giving me ideas, too….)

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