10 Fabulous and Free Crochet Bracelets

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It’s a new season, with new fashions, new looks, and new trends. And what better way to update your look, than with unique, one of a kind jewelry pieces? Here are some of the most popular free bracelet patterns available online, and most take hardly any yarn or time –  make one for every outfit!

Ten crochet baeacelets displayed on knitting needles

  1. Kaldred: This pattern in available in US English, UK English, and Dutch – and it works up fast in any language! I made this one with Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton. I couldn’t get the look I wanted by sl st it closed, so I whip stitched instead. So pretty and cozy! Red Kaldred crochet bracelet
  2. Ribbed Soft Bangle: This pattern offers two versions – this is the top version. I have big hands, and this one was a little snug, so for the bottom version I added a couple of stitches. Still love it though! Purple crochet ribbed soft bracelet - top version
  3. Ribbed Soft Bangle: And here it is! The bottom version of this pattern mixes up the rib pattern a bit. I added a few stitches to make this one a little bigger and bangle-ier. This one is made with Lily Sugar’n Cream Ombre in Country Stripes – and just a tiny bit of it too. Blue and white crochet ribbed soft bracelet - bottom version
  4. 2 Color Bangle: This two tone peek-a-boo bracelet is made in two parts that are then sewn together. The combinations are limitless! This one is a sort of jaunty nautical version, but I’d love to see this bracelet pattern done with a metallic inner portion! Blue and white two color crochet bangle
  5. My Style: This pattern isn’t the easiest to read – but it’s worth it! I love the casual, cozy, chic style of this look. The pattern is written so that you can make it any length – scarf, necklace, bracelet, it’s up to you. I wanted a doubled over bracelet, so I started with 110 chains. This pattern is no longer available. Ivory My Stle crochet bracelet
  6. Summer Cotton Crocheted Bracelet: Believe it or not, this is my first beaded crochet project! The instructions are easy to follow, and the beads are ones I just had laying around – I’d like to make another one (or more!) with more great color combos. Summer cotton crochet bracelet
  7. Chunky Crochet Cuffs: Am I the only one who used to wind the phone cord around my wrist while talking to my friends, and pretend it was a bracelet? This pattern says I’m not alone. (And it’s a great technique for making all sorts of crochet curls!) Green and blue chunky crochet cuff
  8. Lotus Flower Cuff: This one doesn’t look much like the original on the blog, it’s true. I had just one tiny skein (?) of DMC Embroidery Floss in Coral (Tangerine Tango anyone?), and I wanted to use it to best advantage. With only 8 yards, that was a challenge! So I stopped after round 3 with each motif, and before attaching the last sl st, I cut the yarn and worked into a ch3 sp of the previous motif. The orange made 4 motifs, so I added green motifs on both ends and then a jewelry clasp. Voila! Red Lotus Flower crochet cuff
  9. Curry Cuff: This was my first broomstick crochet project – I love it! I can see doing a LOT more of this. Since I used thread, I used a sz 15 knitting needle (the biggest I had on hand). Purple crochet Curry cuff
  10. Julie Cuff: I made this one in a fuzzy little fingering weight chenille. It doesn’t show off the stitches very well, but it’s fun to wear! Grey Julie crochet cuff
  11. BONUS! Chevron Cuff by Moogly! My own addition to the crochet bracelet look. (And I hear it makes a great coffee cozy too!)Chevron Cuff: free #crochet pattern! From mooglyblog.com

So what will you do to spruce up your wardrobe this season? Will you make some new accessories to match your favorite outfits? Let me know it the comments which bracelets you like best!

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    • 4

      Tamara Kelly says

      Ah shoot, hate it when sites go down! Thanks for letting me know! Looks like the link was broken and pattern changed URLs. I’ve updated with the new URL! :)

        • 6

          Tamara Kelly says

          Ah, bummer, I don’t know why she took it down! :( I’m afraid I don’t know where it could be found now. Thank you for letting me know!

          • 7

            Dulcie says

            I really wanted the my style as well…thoughts or a contact we can ask for it…I plan on make lots of the lighter ones for summer and gifts

    • 10

      Tamara Kelly says

      That’s because I forgot to make it a link! DOH! Thank you for the heads up – I’ll fix that now!

    • 12

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Fran! Sorry about that, it moved! I’ve corrected the link. It’s now a PDF linked on Ravelry. :)

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