Amazing Crochet Appliques: Free Patterns to Embellish Anything!

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Crochet appliques are great for embellishing things – hats, bags, tops, onsies, you name it! And there are hundreds of free patterns for crochet appliques out there – many of which are for flowers, hearts, and other beautiful things you’ve likely seen before. So for this roundup I’ve found 10 crochet applique patterns that are new and different – all free!

Crochet Appliques - 10 free patterns for unique and unusual embellishments

10 Free Crochet Applique Patterns

  1. Little Skull and Crossbones Motif by Heidi HengelSpeckless Blog: Perfect for pirates, bikers, and rock stars, big and little! Her googly eye suggestion cracks me up!Little Skull and Crossbones - free crochet applique pattern
  2. Crocheted Batman Logo by Louis Mensinger, on Louie’s Loops: I know just who I’d make this for. Actually, several someones!Crocheted Batman Logo - free crochet applique pattern
  3. Goldfish, Anglefish and Seaweed Crochet Applique Patterns by JTcreations, a Ravelry download: You can set a whole scene – these would be great on a beach bag!Goldfish, Angelfish and Seaweed - free crochet applique patterns
  4. Mustache Applique by Lauren Frank, on Tutus & Tea Parties: Mustaches are everywhere! Resistance is futile!Mustache Applique  - free crochet applique pattern
  5. Football Embellishment by Jennifer Kaye, on TheToddlerWhisperer: Hut hut applique!Football Embellishment - free crochet applique pattern
  6. Pear Applique by Janet Carrillo, on damn it Janet, let’s crochet!: Be sure to check out her other selections – tons of super cute appliques on this site! All sorts of items!Pear - free crochet applique pattern
  7. Ladybug Crochet Applique by Amani Amani, on How cute is this?! Great little summery touch!Ladybug Applique - free crochet applique pattern
  8. Little Raindrops by Jennifer Dickerson, on Fiber Flux: Simple and perfect!Little Raindrops - free crochet applique pattern
  9. Simple Ninja Applique by Karen Moreland, a Ravelry download: So cute you’ll never see him coming!Simply Ninja Applique - free crochet applique pattern
  10. Shield, Sword and Bow by Carolina Guzman, on One and Two Company: Carolina is known for her perfect appliques – most of which are paid patterns. But luckily this one is free! My boys would love these!Shield, Sword, and Bow  - free crochet applique patterns

Yet Another Market Bag - free crochet pattern!There’s an applique of *almost* everything, and you can find more crochet appliques here on Moogly, including the alphabet, numbers, paw print, and more! I also made the Crochet Crab Applique by My Merry Messy Life and put it on a market bag – and won a contest with it! I hope you’ve gotten some project ideas and inspiration from this roundup. What’s your favorite applique to use?

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  1. 8

    Becca says

    Thank you so much for posting these!!!! They are great!!! I can decide if the skull or the mustache is my favorite, your market bag is ADORABLE as well. Happy crocheting!

  2. 10

    Tami says

    Just found this pattern, going to make these for my son’s 2nd grade class for valentine’s day gifts. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. 13

    Tonia says

    do you happen to have an anchor for a sailor’s hat that is very small – 2″ or a little smaller to go on a newborn brim on a hat

    • 14

      Tamara Kelly says

      I don’t have one that size specifically, but using crochet thread and a tiny hook should work!

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