Working Into the Edge

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Edgings, borders, taking off in a new direction – all call for working stitches into the sides of other stitches. It’s not a new stitch that’s the tricky part here – it’s knowing where to insert the hook. Here’s how I do it.

In other words – play with it! I’ve run into various “formulas” and “rules” out there, but in my personal experience, each project needs some futzing around to get it just right. For one project one method will work, and then the next project I do will require something else to get the look I’m after. Don’t be afraid to play, and don’t hesitate to frog what isn’t working for you. One of the great things about crochet is the easy ability to rip back your stitches without ruining the whole project – this goes double for edgings! So play, experiment, and have fun!

What’s your favorite edging method? What other videos do you want to see? Let me know in the comments!

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    Thanks for posting. I love your comment about futzing with it. :) That’s what I do. And frogging. I constantly do that especially when designing patterns. I hear newbies complain about making mistakes and having to rip out. I try to soothe them by saying how often I uncrochet.

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      moogly says

      That’s the hardest thing to impress upon people when I’m first teaching them to crochet. It’s okay to frog – and get used to it, you’ll be doing it a lot! LOL

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    Ann says

    Rip, rip, rip….as the saying goes…”If I had a dollar for every time I ripped out.” If I don’t like how it’s going, you got it, I rip back to where it all went wrong and start over again. I’m working on sweaters for my two grown granddaughters at the moment. The pattern calls for a yarn no longer available, so I’m basically on my own because the yarn I’m using (to get the color they want) won’t give me the gauge called for in the pattern. I’ve probably ripped out enough stitching to have already finished a complete sweater….lol. I’m thinking it’s part of the satifaction of crocheting a gift for a loved one.

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