Surface Crochet

Surface crochet is a great technique. It works in freeform crochet, tapestry crochet, and all sorts of patterns, from simple to complex. It’s basically a way of working a line (or curve, or circle, etc) across the surface of a piece. It doesn’t have to follow any predetermined line or pattern – you can go wherever you want with it. It’s confusing to read about though – the first time I encountered it in a set of written instructions, all I could say was, “huh?” I figured it out eventually, but a video sure would have been easier. So without further ado…

How to Surface Crochet

When you’re all done with your line, just break the yarn, pull the end up to the front or right side through the last loop, and use a tapestry or yarn needle to go back into the same hole and weave the end in on the wrong side.

Surface crochet can be a major part of a crochet project, or it can be just a tiny embellishment. It’s perfect for adding color and interest when you don’t want to add bulk or weight, and for outlining color changes to give them a smoother line. Once you try it and see how simple it is to do, I’m sure you’ll find lots of ways to use this fun technique.

Have you made any projects using surface crochet before? What did you think? Are there any other techniques or stitches that you’d like to see a video tutorial for here at moogly? Let me know in the comments – I love to take requests!

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