Chainless Starting Treble Crochet

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Chainless stitches are a fabulous option to replace the chain 3 or 4 that is usually used when starting a new row! The Chainless Starting Double Crochet tutorial demonstrated how to replace double crochets with a chainless version, and I’ve also demonstrated how to use the Chainless Starting Double Crochet in the Round and in the Magic Ring (click any of those to view their tutorials). But I got lots of questions on how to do it treble style! So here’s how to crochet the Chainless Starting Treble Crochet stitch.

Learn how to #crochet the Chainless Starting Treble Crochet and banish the ch-4 gap! ♥ From

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Vintage Wobble Afghan Tutorial

The Vintage Wobble Afghan pattern debuted last fall, and it was a very special pattern to share – be sure to read the story behind this great stitch HERE! And one of the many awesome things about this pattern is that it’s a one row repeat! All the variation is in the colors, so it’s super easy to memorize, and it makes a fantastic stitch buster. However, the stitch placement on that one row can be a little tricky… so at your request, here’s a tutorial for how to crochet the Vintage Wobble Afghan!

Learn how to crochet the Vintage Wobble Afghan stitch in this video tutorial! From

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Star Stitch or Marguerite Stitch

The Marguerite Stitch comes in several variations. The easiest of all has 3 spikes, and is know as the Simple Marguerite Stitch – and I had a lot of fun demonstrating it! When you read just “Marguerite Stitch” it could mean 4 or 5 spikes – both versions share the name. But the 5 spike Marguerite Stitch goes by another name… the Star Stitch! Still following? Good, because today I’m showing you how to make this full size, 5 spiked, Star Stitch – AKA the Marguerite Stitch!

Learn how to #crochet the Star Stitch with this video and photo tutorial from Moogly!

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Overlapping Post Stitch Pattern

The Chroma Crochet Bag features a stitch pattern that I’ve seen in several places – but the only name I’ve seen for it is Ripple Stitch – and since I has nothing to do with chevrons I think it’s time to give it a new name. So I’ve gone with Overlapping Post Stitch – descriptive and easy to remember I hope! Here’s how it’s done.

Video Tutorial for the Overlapping Post Stitch on Moogly!

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