Ravishing Rectangles: 10 Free Wrap Crochet Patterns!

It’s the change of seasons, and sudden shifts in temperature are guaranteed! A wrap is just the thing – easier to put on and take off than a sweater, and a lot easier to lug around than a blanket! There are so many great patterns, so to narrow it down, I’ve decided today is all about rectangles. So here are 10 free rectangular wrap crochet patterns!

10 Free Rectangular Wrap #Crochet Patterns! So gorgeous, and perfect year round! From mooglyblog.com

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Meet Tammy Hildebrand, author of “Crochet Wraps Every Which Way”!

Tammy Hildebrand is an extremely well known crochet designer and author, as well as the Vice President of the Crochet Guild of American (CGOA). I’ve been admiring her patterns ever since I started crocheting, and I’m so excited to have gotten to interview her today! Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing her latest book, Crochet Wraps Every Which Way – and doing a giveaway where you can win your own copy! – but first, read what the lovely Tammy has to say about her new book, designing, and more!

"Crochet Wraps Every Which Way" - new book by Tammy Hildebrand! Read her interview with Moogly!

Light & Lovely Lace Weight Crochet Patterns!

Lace weight yarn is officially the category for any yarn thinner than fingering, and has the yarn symbol “0”. It’s very fine, and includes the thinner crochet thread sizes as well as many lovely soft fibers. It’s not as popular as the heavier weights of yarn, but it’s treasured by those who use it for it’s ability to make thin, drapey, light as air garments. Here are 10 free lace weight crochet patterns – take a look and see!

Light and Lovely Lace Weight Crochet - free pattern roundup on Moogly!

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Beautiful and Inspiring Irish Crochet Lace: 10 Free Patterns

Irish crochet lace dates back to the the 19th century famine in Ireland, where it was a way for women to make money. It used several weights of thread, and motifs were made separately, tacked to paper, and the spaces filled in with mesh. Specific patterns and designs were often closely guarded secrets, and the finished lace was highly valued! Today, Irish crochet lace has evolved and expanded a bit, but the mesh and the rose are still iconic facets of the art. And luckily, it’s no longer a secret! Here are 10 free Irish crochet lace patterns that you can make today!

Beautiful Irish Crochet Lace - 10 free patterns!

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10 Modern and Refreshing Pineapple Crochet Patterns

The pineapple crochet motif is a crochet classic! A symbol of welcome and hospitality, the pineapple became a common theme in home furnishings and needlework. Crocheted pineapples were ubiquitous in the 30s and 40s, and had another resurgence in the 50s with the addition of Hawaii to the US. And then with tiki culture in the 60s, it just kept going and going! But just because it can be retro or vintage, doesn’t mean it’s stale – the pineapple is fresh, modern, and new in these 10 up to date and free pineapple crochet patterns!

10 Free Pineapple Crochet Patterns - another great roundup on Moogly!

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Sunset Shawlette

The Sunset Shawlette was inspired by a gorgeous ball of Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball I purchased at my local yarn store. It sat on my shelf for ages, begging to be used… and I finally listened!

Sunset Shawlette - free crochet pattern made from 1 skein of yarn!

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