10 Fun & Free African Flower Motif Patterns!

The African Flower Motif might just be the new granny square! This one motif seems to be able to form the basis of any number of patterns. It’s fun, beautiful, easy, and visually striking – and here are 10 free patterns that show it off!

Free African Flower Motif Patterns - a roundup on Moogly!

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Beautiful and Inspiring Irish Crochet Lace: 10 Free Patterns

Irish crochet lace dates back to the the 19th century famine in Ireland, where it was a way for women to make money. It used several weights of thread, and motifs were made separately, tacked to paper, and the spaces filled in with mesh. Specific patterns and designs were often closely guarded secrets, and the finished lace was highly valued! Today, Irish crochet lace has evolved and expanded a bit, but the mesh and the rose are still iconic facets of the art. And luckily, it’s no longer a secret! Here are 10 free Irish crochet lace patterns that you can make today!

Beautiful Irish Crochet Lace - 10 free patterns!

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Hexagons On Point in 10 Free Patterns

Hexagons are becoming more and more popular by the day! They’re not just a yarny trend, they’re a major theme in interior design too. There are several free hexagon motif patterns out there (future roundup anyone?), but the motif is just the starting point – it’s what you do with those pretty shapes that counts. And as long as you make enough of them, in the “right” size for the pattern, the hexagons themselves are interchangeable! Here are some great free patterns for putting hexagons together in fabulous ways!

10 Free Crochet Patterns Made with Hexagons bags sweater baby slippers adult women children men blanket

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