Living on the Edge with 10 Free Crochet Edging Patterns!

There are lots of gorgeous free crochet afghan patterns, and though the crochet edging might come last, don’t think that means it isn’t important! While I’m a big fan of simple sc and dc borders for letting busier afghan patterns shine, there are hundreds of beautiful and interesting border and edging patterns that are ready to take center stage and dress up and blanket you make. And of course they’re not just for blankets – you can put a pretty edge on just about anything! So without further ado, here are my favorite 10 free crochet edging patterns!

Free #Crochet Edging Patterns - great for blankets, napkins, towels, tablecloths, dresses, you name it!

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Handmade Love with Valentine’s Day Crochet

It’s nearly that time again! Love, hearts, flowers, chocolate, diamond commercials, champagne sales, and everything pink pink pink. While most of us wouldn’t say no to chocolate, when it comes to showing our love, yarnies like to go handmade. So here are 10 of the newest and best free Valentine’s Day crochet patterns available!

Handmade Love with Valentine's Day Crochet! 10 free patterns to <3 #crochet on

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