Little Waves Crochet Towel Applique

There’s just something fun about decorating bathrooms. I think it might be the size, combined with the freedom to get a little crazy. After all, it’s just one tiny room – why not make it interesting?! And coming up with stuff for the kids’ bathroom has been a blast. A raindrop shower curtain and blue paint set the theme, and the Little Waves Crochet Rug was the first project to go in there – and now the Little Waves Crochet Towel Applique has joined the party!

Little Waves #Crochet Towel Applique - free pattern from

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Bonbon Kisses Crochet Pouch

I’ve always wanted to give Lion Brand’s Bonbons yarn packs a try. They’re just so cute, with all the tiny colorful skeins of yarn! And I finally merged that idea, with my idea for a colorful little pouch with one of a “kiss clasp” metal frame. And the Bonbon Kisses Crochet Pouch was born!

Bonbon Kisses Crochet Pouch! Free #crochet pattern from

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Big Bold Chevron Stitch

The Big Bold Chevron Curtains (click HERE for the free pattern!) are a popular project on Moogly – and I’ve got more projects in the works with this stitch pattern too! However, like many chevron patterns, this one can get a little confusing. So here’s a video tutorial and chart to help walk you through the Big Bold Chevron Stitch!

Learn how to crochet the Big Bold Chevron Stitch with this video tutorial and #crochet chart! From

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Little Waves Crochet Rug

I’ve been wanting to design a crochet rug for ages, and having just moved, I finally knew just what I wanted to make! Inspired by the ocean themed children’s bathroom in our new home, I’m proud to present the Little Waves Crochet Rug!

Little Waves Crochet Rug: Free #crochet pattern from

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Big Bold Chevron Curtain

The Big Bold Chevron Curtain pattern almost ended up with the name “Emergency Chevrons,” because they were the answer to a little emergency I discovered when we first moved into this house. The window in the master bath faces the neighbor’s house. And while the bottom half of the window came covered in privacy window film, the top half was clear as can be – and Geoff and I are both significantly taller than the previous owners! Yikes! The Big Bold Chevron Curtain was the answer!

Big Bold Chevron Curtain - perfect for any window! Free #crochet pattern from

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