10 Free Patterns for Marvelous Crochet Mug Cozies!

Is there anything worse than pouring a piping hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa… only to find it gets cold before you can even drink it? That’s where mug cozies come to the rescue! And of course, have a bit of fun while they’re at it. So here are 10 free crochet patterns for mug cozies!

Free #crochet mug cozies in a variety of styles in a roundup on Moogly!

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Glittery Crochet Stars in 2 Rounds

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This week’s free crochet pattern is perfect for the weekend after Thanksgiving – easy and relaxing, perfect for whipping up between turkey leftovers and naps. And they’re so fast and fun (only 2 rounds!) you’ll want to keep making them right on through the holidays! Introducing the free crochet pattern for Glittery Crochet Stars in 2 Rounds.

Glittery Crochet Stars in 2 Rounds! Free #Crochet Pattern and Photo Tutorial. These take less than 10 yds of yarn!

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Wreaths for All Year: 12 Free Crochet Wreath Patterns!

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore! Crochet, felt, burlap, floral – the choices are limitless, and so are the occasions. A quick browse through Pinterest or any other DIY site can overwhelm you with options! But you know what I like to focus on… free crochet patterns! So here are 12 free crochet wreath patterns – 1 for every month of the year!

Crochet Wreath Patterns - 12 free crochet patterns to decorate your door all year long!

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Crochet Mobiles – 10 Free Patterns to Dress Up Any Room!

Unique baby mobiles can take a nursery from ordinary to something special. And mobiles don’t have to stay in the nursery! Whether it’s traditional or very modern, mobile patterns are fun to crochet and give. And they can be made to fit any theme. So here are 10 free patterns for crochet mobiles!

Crochet Mobiles for the Nursery (and Every Other Room!) - 10 Free Patterns in a Roundup on Moogly!

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Ruffle Yarns Beyond the Scarf: Free Patterns to Knit and Crochet!

Ruffle yarn (aka mesh yarn) is the newest entry to the novelty yarn market, and there are several competitors out there: Premier Starbella, Red Heart Boutique Sashay, Spinrite Pirouette, Bernat Twist ‘N Twirl, and more added every day. Primarily they’re used to make twisty ruffle scarves – just the other day I spotted one such scarf on a local celebrity! And while the twirly ruffle scarves are very pretty, you can bet that designers have been hard at work thinking up other fun uses for this yarn. Here are 16 free knit and crochet patterns that use ruffle yarns in new ways!

Ruffle yarns can make more than the ubiquitous twirly scarf! Here are 16 free patterns to knit and crochet with this fun novelty yarn!

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