10 Beautiful & Free Crochet Earrings Patterns in Thread!

I think when most people think of crochet thread, they think of doilies. And doilies are very pretty – the skill needed to make them is impressive. But what else can you do with thread? The answer is: a lot! Too much to cover in one roundup. (I tried and it was getting out of hand!) Today I want to show you beautiful crochet earrings, all made with crochet thread. They are a great quick accessory to make for yourself, and they also make a charming and thoughtful gift! Here are 10 of the best patterns I’ve seen.

Free Crochet Earrings Roundup on Moogly

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Get Inspired with an Inspired Crochet Giveaway!

Congratulations to the winner, Luisa L! Enjoy your issue of Inspired Crochet! For the rest of you, read on to learn how you can purchase this issue, or subscribe!

As many of you know, I’m quite proud to have a new and original Tunisian crochet pattern in this month’s special anniversary issue of the online crochet magazine, Inspired Crochet! And even better, they’ve agreed to let me give away this issue to one lucky Moogly fan! But it’s a short one, so keep reading and act fast!

Inspired Crochet 1 Year Anniversary Issue - Giveaway on Moogly ends 9/5/13

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Don’t Frog that Frog: 10 Free Crochet Frog Patterns!

Usually when a crocheter hears the word “frog” they think of pulling out stitches (rippit, rippit!), and undoing minutes, if not hours of work – not a fun thing! While frogs are usually slimy, (or for yarn-users tragic), today’s roundup features a far friendlier bit of frogging – crochet frog patterns! And they’re all free!

Free Crochet Frog Patterns! Hop to it!(Disclaimer: post includes affiliate links)

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Design Wars: The Best War Ever! by Salena Baca

Recently I discovered this amazing thing happening, called Design Wars – and it’s all about crochet! It’s a super fun site,contest and concept, and it’s getting better all the time! Today I’m excited to bring you a guest post from it’s founder, Salena Baca, telling you all about it! – Tamara

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Invisible Decreases

Decreasing in crochet is usually done in one of two ways. The most common is working “2tog” – where you make the first half of the stitch in two stitches, and finish them as one stitch. The other common method is to just skip a stitch all together! But there are times when these methods just won’t do. They might create a lump, leave a hole, or just plain not look right. Enter the Invisible Decrease!

How to #Crochet: Invisible Decreases in Sc and Dc! Video tutorial on moogly

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