Sarah Jane Designs Pattern Giveaway on Moogly!

Sarah Jane is a wonderful Australian crochet designer who I had the pleasure of meeting on Ravelry. I admire her designs – and she enjoys linking to some of my tutorials in them! And now we’ve put together a fantastic pattern giveaway for all of you!

Sarah Jane Designs Pattern Giveaway on Moogly! :D Giveaway ends 4/29/14 at 12:15am central US time.

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Griddle Stitch

The Griddle Stitch, also known as the Cobble Stitch, is a simple stitch pattern that is perfect for beginners who are ready for some texture! All you need to know how to do is chain, single crochet, and double crochet. And of course count your stitches! Here’s how to work the Griddle Stitch.

Learn how to #crochet the Griddle Stitch! Video tutorial, photo tutorial, and crochet chart from

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Print That Pattern! How to Use the Print Friendly Button

Almost every day I have someone ask me how to print the patterns that are here on Moogly. Using cut and paste can work, or trying to print the screen – but that can grab ads, comments, and all kinds of stuff that will waste paper and ink. There’s a much simpler option – and it allows you to download them as PDFs too! It’s the Print Friendly button, and here’s how to use it.

Learn how to use the Print Friendly button to print the free #crochet and #knit patterns on Moogly!


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To Market to Market… to Crochet Free Market Tote Bag Patterns!

It’s nearly farmer’s market season here in the Midwest US… well, once it finally stops snowing for real… and I can’t wait! There’s just something so much yummier about the fruits and veggies there. But you’ve gotta bring a bag! So here are 12 free crochet tote bag patterns ready to take to the market, from some of my favorite designers!

Free Market Tote Crochet Patterns! Get them all at #crochet

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Little Waves Crochet Towel Applique

There’s just something fun about decorating bathrooms. I think it might be the size, combined with the freedom to get a little crazy. After all, it’s just one tiny room – why not make it interesting?! And coming up with stuff for the kids’ bathroom has been a blast. A raindrop shower curtain and blue paint set the theme, and the Little Waves Crochet Rug was the first project to go in there – and now the Little Waves Crochet Towel Applique has joined the party!

Little Waves #Crochet Towel Applique - free pattern from

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The 2014 Moogly Afghan Crochet-a-Long: Block #8!

Block #8! We’re now a third of the way through the 2014 Moogly Afghan Crochet-a-Long, and it’s been going swimmingly so far! Hundreds of squares have been made, and I’ve loved peeking at each one you’ve shared.  If this is the first you’ve heard of the CAL, don’t worry – it lasts til November, so there’s still time to catch up! Start HERE to read how it works, and then get to crocheting! For those who’ve been following along so far, read on!

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