Rainbow Lanyard

Recently I was commissioned to make some rainbow striped lanyards. Simple enough, I thought, but truth be told, getting the right thickness and look took more thought and experimentation than you might expect! Luckily, they turned out rather well, and everyone was pleased!

Rainbow Lanyard - free crochet pattern! on mooglyblog,com

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Wide Mouth Canning Jar Cozy

I love my canning jars. For drinking glasses, storage and organization, emergency vases, candle holders, gift giving… they are wonderfully versatile and as Eco-friendly as it gets. So you can imagine how excited I was when my friend Dawn at Midlife Flourish purchased a Cuppow and came to me for a set of custom cozies! And once I’d written down the pattern, I decided to share.

Free Crochet Pattern Mason Jar Cozy

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My Top 5 Free Scarf Patterns

It’s a new week… and a new list! This time, I wanted to share some of my very favorite scarf patterns. I know, I just posted a cowl pattern, but if you believe that shadow-spotting rodent, we’re going to need some options. There’s a mix of knit and crochet, simple and complex, fancy and functional, and even one perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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Build Your Craft Library: My Crochet Book Reviews

Craft books and magazines are everywhere these days – online, at the grocery store, book store, yarn store, and craft store. As someone who both knits and crochets, I’ve started quite a collection of my own, though of course I want more! Here are a few crochet books I’d like to highlight for you this morning, in no particular order (hey, it’s Monday, order is for later in the week). [Read more…]

Blankets and hats and krakens, oh my!

UPDATE: I’m no longer taking commissions! I’ve chosen to completely focus on designing and sharing crochet and knit info and links and all the other good stuff you’ve gotten to know me for. But this post shows how Moogly got started… and there are some fun pics here! So I’m leaving it up. 😀

I’ve never understood how crafters can stick to just one product, one esthetic. Which is not to say I disapprove! Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? Find your niche and stick to it? Baby things, kitchy things, sexy things, sparkly things – create your brand. It’s how business. is. done.

But I want to make everything! At the very least, everything with yarn. And maybe a few other things too. But for now, moogly is all yarn. And if I had a niche, I’d have to say it’s custom creations. If you want something sleek, I can do that. If you want funny and unique, I’m all over it. I love the variety! I’ll make whatever it is you’re looking for – whether that’s an ultra modern baby blanket,

a kraken hat,

or something for your chilly friend or relative. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past week!

What you see above is a lap blanket. It’s got a bottom to tuck under the chilly person’s feet, ties to help keep it from slipping off, and two big pockets for hard candy and cold fingers. This one is heading to a nursing home, so it also features a handsewn white twill label – it won’t get misplaced in the laundry room! Made of soft but tough acrylic, it’s a welcome bit of luxury and warmth. This one shown, in strawberry and pistachio yarn, is spoken for… but I can make more! Pick your person’s favorite colors and you’ll have the perfect holiday or winter birthday gift. The label and ties are optional, making this the perfect gift for anyone who needs protection from a winter draft. Message me at mooglyblog@gmail.com to order one today!