Super Stripey Water Bottle Cozy

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Today’s free pattern is one I came up with a while back – when my middle child started taking a lunch to school! Rather than a plastic thermos, we went with a stainless steel water bottle. Good for the environment, it fit perfectly in his lunchbox and didn’t leak a bit. The one complaint we had was all the condensation. But that was an easy enough fix – with the Super Stripey Water Bottle Cozy!

water bottle cover free pattern knit

Super Stripey Water Bottle Cozy
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This pattern was made to fit a water bottle that is just over 9″ in circumference, but the Super Stripey Water Bottle Cozy is stretchy enough to accommodate most standard size metal water bottles. This bottle was one of the short ones, so rather than knitting for a set number of rows or stripes, just work until you have covered your own water bottle.

Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream or any worsted weight cotton yarn, 2 colors
Needles: US 8 – 5.0 mm dpns

Using color A, cast on 32 sts using long tail or other stretchy cast on.
Distribute sts among dpns, and join to work in the round.
Work 1×1 rib for 6 rows.

Stripey Pattern:
Change to color B, purl one row.
Work in stockinette for 6 rows.
Change to color A, purl one row.
Work in stockinette for 6 rows.

Continue with Stripey Pattern as above, purling each row of the color change, until desired length is achieved.
To decrease for the bottom, *k3, k2tg* around for one row, k the last two sts. (26 sts)
Work *k2, k2tg* around for the next row, k the last two sts. (20 sts)
Work *k1,k2tg* around for one row, k the last two sts. (14 sts)
Work k2tg around. (7 sts)
Cut yarn, leaving 12″ or so of length. Thread this length on a yarn needle and take each stitch off the dpns, pulling tight to close the bottom of the cozy. Weave in ends.

Now pack a lovely, eco-friendly lunch!

finished lunchbox

For the rest of the set:

Circle Cloth – I was downsizing this for a preschooler’s lunchbox, so I cast on only 28 sts, and just worked the repeats until it was square.


Apples Need Love Too

Apple Cozy – I made the smallest size, since we buy the small apples, but 3 different sizes are provided.

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    amethyst says

    I have made several water bottle carriers from a little purse pattern. I also made much larger purses from that pattern…but I added a strap ro all of my bags…The water bottle carrier is for plastic water bottles that I carry along woth me when hubby and O go to casinos. I also made knitted flowers to decorate them, and even used small bits of the ribbon yarn for ruffled scarves, to make a button that would hold the bag lid on securely. I get lots of comments on my carriers. I used to be able to buy those in stores, but no one seems to carry them anymore…sooooo, my motto—IMPROVISE ! Thanks for your patterns…


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