Show Me Your Booties – 10 Free Crochet Patterns!

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Baby booties are the perfect last minute baby gift. Nothing makes people squee more than teeny tiny shoes! They are fast, cute, and take relatively small amounts of yarn. And there are so many free patterns to choose from, in drastically different styles!

Beautiful Baby Booties - 10 free crochet patterns infant newborn shoes slippers boots halloween sweet christmas shower gift

  1. Dainty Mary Janes – This free bootie pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, and translates the classic style beautifully. A great accompaniment to a sweet little dress!Dainty Mary Janes free crochet pattern baby booties shoes girl cute infant
  2. Simple Crossover Bootie – This pattern calls for DK weight but seems to have also been made with sport or worsted weight yarn with lots of success! Very simple but clever design done all in single crochet. Simple Crossover Bootie free crochet pattern baby infant shoes slippers
  3. Crochet Baby Sneakers – Aren’t these amazing!? The original Russian pattern has been translated to English, and there are lots of pictures to guide you along the way.  This pattern also calls for fingering weight yarn. Crochet Baby Sneakers converse vans high tops infant free pattern
  4. Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties – The crocodile stitch is all the rage lately, and these modern baby booties are a great way to join in this fun trend. Just a bit of DK or sport weight yarn is needed. Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties free crochet pattern infant gift shoes slippers
  5. Crochet wrap around button infant boots – This worsted weight pattern from Ashlee Marie comes in both boys and girls styles. I love this look, and I’m betting the wrap around tops make for a great stay on fit. Excellent photo tutorial! Crochet Wrap Around Button Infant Boots baby booties free pattern
  6. Elfin Baby Booties – Know any fall or winter babies on the way? Or maybe mom and dad are big Legend of Zelda fans? These funny little elf booties are too cute! One piece of advice… if you like the parents, get silent bells! Worsted or aran yarn should work for these.Elfin Elves Baby Booties Shoes Slippers Free crochet pattern link legend of zelda cosplay elf christmas santa
  7. Molly’s Mukluks – You have to register at CrochetMe and download an ebook to get this pattern, but it’s all free and there are more very cute patterns bundled in the book. Some people seem to find this pattern confusing, so maybe hold off on this one if you are a beginner. These are made with worsted weight yarn.Molly's Mukluks free crochet pattern baby booties infant slippers shoes

  8. Crochet Baby Cowboy Booties – This one has written instructions as well as this video to take you through every step! How cute would a little baby Halloween cowboy be? Worsted or aran weight yarn are recommended here.

  9. Princess Shoes – Another sweet little girl’s shoe, this one is perfect for an everyday princess or Halloween ballerina! The ribbon keeps them on and the roses make them as sweet as can be. Fingering weight yarn makes up the body of the shoe.Princess Shoes baby booties free crochet pattern ballerina girl roses halloween
  10. T-Strap Booties – These cute shoes are great in Sport or Worsted Weight yarn. Some people have even added felt soles! This site may require registration, but it’s free and gives you access to lots of patterns!T-Strap Booties free crochet pattern boots shoes baby infant newborn

There are many more free baby bootie patterns out there, and some super paid ones as well. Some are simple, and some are crazy complex, but all of them are so cute! What are your favorite baby gifts to make in a hurry? Do you have a favorite baby bootie pattern? Share it in the comments!

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    • 6

      moogly says

      Shirley all the patterns here are free! Just click the name of the pattern you like – it should look blue, which means it’s a link. That’ll take you right to the pattern! :)

  1. 7

    mariam says

    thankyou for these lovely patterns! could u guide me reg the wraparound booties. i want them to be for 6-12 months old and 3-6 months old.

  2. 9

    IamGlad says

    They’re so cute! I can’t wait to make them. I’ll do the unisex ones because I don’t know yet the gender of my baby (I’m hoping for a boy!)

  3. 10

    Tara B. says

    I just finished up the cowgirl boots last night for my (almost here!) niece. I am happy to say that they are my first pair of booties that actually match each other! I also just finished up a crocheted cowgirl hat so its a great little set. Think I will tackle the Mary Jane’s now, a girl needs shoes! :) Awesome collection, thanks!

  4. 12


    Thank you, once again! I had previously found the cowboy bootie pattern but I was having trouble understanding some sections of the written pattern. I am so glad you found this video tutorial of it–amazing! My sister will be so happy when she sees them for her first baby boy :)

  5. 16

    Marrie says

    hey Tamara! here is your biggest fan!…i have also tried to make some of ’em!..those were looking too cool like they are to nice dancing shoes ;)!..thank you for the help! and still watching your tutorials!..thanks!

  6. 20

    Michelle says

    I was looking at different patterns for the crocodile booties and bought fingering yarn called for in aother pattern instead of DK or sport weight. what is the best way to adjust for this? Larger hook? I didn’t have a 4mm hook so was practicing with a 3mm to get the pattern fingered out and the width seems good, just the length is too short.

    • 21

      Tamara Kelly says

      If the width is good, but the length is too short, I’d just add more rows to get to the length you need! :) Larger hooks can work as long as the fabric isn’t too “holey.”

  7. 22

    Etta Webster says

    I’ve been trying to find the american version if the converse crochet baby ten a shoes. The one I found was converted to English and I think part of the patteren is missing because I have 6 extra stitches left in the 3 end round on the dole. I would appricate it you have this patteren if you could send it to me or tell me where to get it. Thank you.

    • 25

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Desray! Just click on the names of the patterns you like – you’ll see they are in a different colored text, and are links! :)

  8. 28


    I know this is an older collection, but it just popped up in my “mentioned” app and I realized I never thanked you for including my booties~ I really appreciate all the support you give other designers! thx so much!


  1. […] Watermelon Mary Janes: This is the pattern I referenced in the other Mary Jane notes. In order to make them a little bigger than the directions said, I used a bigger hook (I used a 5.5 mm). I made the sole with Caron Simply Soft in Chartreuse, the first row of the “upper” with Caron Simply Soft White, and then the rest in the pink I can’t remember. I strung the black beads in following each hdc2tog in round 6. […]

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