Rainbow Flower Scrubby Dishcloth

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Is winter over yet? How about now? If you are as eager as I am for warm breezes, open windows, green growth and all things Spring, then you know how appealing bright colors are right now! While it’s still far too early for many of us to plant the real thing, we can have a bright, sunshiney, happy Rainbow Flower Scrubby Dishcloth!

free crochet pattern rainbow flower scrubby cloth dishcloth washcloth
Brighten up your kitchen and put a smile on your face even when you’re washing yet another set of dishes. And since it takes just a few yarn leftover bits, you don’t even have to brave the cold to run to the yarn store.

Rainbow Flower Scrubby Dishcloth
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This dishcloth features a scratchy scrubby bobbled center for tough messes, and soft cotton for more delicate surfaces. Watch for the turns – there are only a couple, but they’re important!

  • Yarns:
    • Tough acrylic worsted weight – 1 color, just a few yards
    • Kitchen cotton worsted weight – 1 to 4 colors, just a few dozen yards of each.
  • Hook: US-H, 5.0mm

Unique Stitch Used:
dc5tog: double crochet 5 together, or bobble stitch

CENTER (using acrylic yarn):
Starting with a magic circle, work 8sc in the circle, join with a sl st to work in the round.
Row 1: Ch1 and sc twice in same st, 2sc in each st around, join with sl st. (16 sc) Turn.
Row 2: Ch1 and work 2sc in 1st st. In next st, dc5tog. *2 sc in next st. Dc5tog in next st.* (8 bobbles and 16 sc). Join with sl st to 1st sc. Turn.
Row 3: Ch1 and sc once in each sc and twice in the top of each bobble around. (32 sc) Break yarn and use seamless join to finish off. Weave in ends.

PETALS (using cotton yarn):
Petal set #1:
Row1: Join to any st with sl st, ch1 and sc in first 3 sts. 2sc in next st. *Sc in next 3 sts, 2sc in next st.* Repeat from * to * around, join with sl st to 1st sc. (40 sc)
Row2: Ch1. Working in front loop only this round: sc in same st. Skip next st, 5dc in next st, skip next st. *Sc in next st, skip next st, 5dc in next st, skip next st.* Repeat to end.  Break yarn and use seamless join to finish off by joining to first sc. (10 petals) Weave in ends.

Petal set #2:
Row 1: Without turning, join yarn with a sl st to the remaining back loop in the center of one of the petals from last round. Continuing to work in these back loops, ch1 and sc in first 4 st. *2sc in next st, then sc in next 4 st.* Repeat from * to * around, ending with 2sc in last st. Join with a sl st to first sc. (48sc)

Row 2: Ch1. Working in front loop only this round: sc in same st. *Skip next st, 5dc in next st, sk next st, sc in next st.* Repeat to end, then break yarn and use seamless join to finish off in first sc. (12 petals) Weave in ends.

free crochet pattern rainbow flower scrubby cloth dishcloth washcloth

BACKING (using cotton yarn):
Using magic circle, sc 8 and join with sl st.
Row 1: Ch1, 2sc in each st around, join with sl st. (16 sc)
Row 2: Ch1, sc in same st, then 2sc in next st. *Sc in next st, 2sc in next st.* Repeat from * to * around. Join with sl st. (24 sc)
Row 3: Ch1, sc in same st and next st, then 2sc in next st. *Sc in next 2 sts, 2sc in next st.* Repeat around. (32 sc)
Row 4: Ch1, sc in same st and next 2 sts, then 2sc in next st. *Sc in next 3 sts, 2sc in next st* Repeat around. (40 sc)
Row 5: Ch1, sc in same st and next 3 sts, then 2sc in next st. *Sc in next 4 sts, 2sc in next st.* Repeat around. (48 sc) Do NOT break yarn.

Turn flower over, so the bobbles are facing down (WS). Place the backing against the back of the flower, wrong sides together. Ch1 and join pieces by sc through each st of the backing and the remaining “back” loops on the back of the flower. Increase around by*sc in 5 sts, followed by 2sc in the next st* to end. (56 sc) Break yarn, use seamless join, and weave in ends.

free crochet pattern rainbow flower scrubby dishcloth washcloth cleaning kitchenHANGING LOOP:
Turn flower back over (RS). Join to any st of backing with sl st. Ch1 and sc evenly around. At half way point, create an loop of 20ch (adjust length to your own hook/faucet width), then sc in same st and continue to sc around. Break yarn. Join using seamless join and weave in ends. Hang it from your faucet, hook, or dishsoap, and bring some spring to your sink!

Be sure to check out and like the moogly facebook page to get all the latest updates, fun links, sneak peeks, and more! Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2012. Please include links to this blog post if sharing this pattern with others. For seller information, see the About page. You can contact me via Facebook messages or at TamaraKelly@mooglyblog.com.


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  1. 4

    Genevieve says

    Ok… so I had to laugh at myself. When I saw this, my heart started beating fast and I got butterflies in my stomach. I’m in love! lol Thank you so much. Gathering up my supplies now.

    Do you think a scratchy wool would work? It doesn’t felt that great so I might try it. If all else fails, I hang it up on the wall. :)

    • 5

      moogly says

      If it doesn’t felt (or doesn’t felt too much) I would think it would work great! I’m so glad you like it! 😀

  2. 6

    rookiecrochetgirl says

    This is beautiful! I’m learning how to follow patterns. This looks like a fun one to learn. Has it been tried with nylon netting yet?

  3. 9

    linda says

    Ok, so I am over zealous. I have been crocheting all of a week now, and attempted this. Mine looks absolutely NOTHING like this, but I still think it is cute. My back piece was about 6 rows to small, so I just kept going, and my petals kind of lay flat, nothing to do but try again. I found the cotton hard to use, kept splitting on me, and my work was tight. I do like the fact crochet has more room for some creative repairs than the knitting I have tried. If this craft doesn’t work out I have hundreds of yarn hanks to paste of baskets or something!!

    • 10

      moogly says

      linda, I’m sorry you’re having trouble, but I’m impressed – I think I spent months on the proverbial crocheted scarves before I even tried to dc! If you feel like your stitches are too tight, you could try relaxing your shoulders or holding the hook differently. Otherwise, bravo! Making something you like is the important part – that and having fun at it. :)

  4. 15


    I made this and it was so simple and easy to make the only thing that I changed was at the end I used a crab stitch (reverse single crochet) instead of single crochet.
    Ill make these for christmas gifts. So thanks for a great pattern.

  5. 16

    Susan says

    Can you please tell me where to find the rough acrylic yarn? Annie’s Catalog had it but they must be discontinuing it, they only had a few colors left. Thanks.

  6. 20

    Ody Alvarez says

    Thank you so much for all the amazing patterns you share with your fellow “hookers”!
    I’ve been making your rainbow scrubby since this past summer, and have tweeked it just a tad & wanted to share it with you…
    I made a full rosette of bobbles (4 bobbles in center then the 8 bobbles) & used the acrylic in the backing’s first 3 rows (for addt’l. scrubbiness). Then I reinforced the loop w/ sc.
    Congrats to you & your hubby for the Crafsty award & a million thanks for sharing your hooking greatness!

  7. 22


    I just made this, along with a smaller trivet, as gifts for a friend. They go together so well and I think would cheer up anyone’s winter kitchen! Thanks once again for your wonderful patterns

  8. 26

    Sam says

    The pattern is definitely easy to follow, even though I made a couple of mistakes making this at first, because I wasn’t sure which direction to start, but it was an easy fix. I would like to comment on the seamless finish- first of all, it’s a great way to finish a project and it looks great. But I messed up after doing one and I had already weaved the ends in. This truly is a seamless finish because it took me about 20 minutes to find where I had made the seamless finish, lol! I love the finished product, it is beautiful and it really does a great job scrubbing my cast iron skillet. Thank you for the pattern!

    • 27

      Tamara Kelly says

      Whoops! Funny in retrospect I hope! 😀 Glad you got it sorted and that you enjoyed the pattern! 😀

  9. 28

    Brittany says

    Finished one of these today and plan on making lots more for loved ones. Thanks for a great pattern and awesome use of leftover yarn from other projects!

    • 31

      Tamara Kelly says

      Did you have 40 sts in the previous round? If so, then it sounds like maybe you skipped an extra st a few times?

      • 32

        Amy says

        I thought I counted 40…. Second flower came up short of petals too, 11. At least it was consistent …. Thanks for sharing your project, my dish scrubber is adorable!

  10. 34

    Jeri says

    I am stuck on the dc5tog, is that a double crocheting 5 stitches together or 5 double crochet in the same stitch because I did the first which seems logical to me but I ran out of stitches.


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