Joining Foundation Stitches to Work in the Round

FSC (Foundation Single Crochet) and FDC (Foundation Double Crochet) are great techniques to learn – and great ways to start a project! Foundation stitches have a lot more stretch than a typical starting chain, making them ideal for garments, including hats worked from the bottom-up. But how do you join that first row of FSC or FDC to work in the round? Let me show you!

Joining Foundation Stitches to Work in the Round

In other words, when making a row of FSC or FDC that you intend to join in the round, leave a longer tail at the start, about 6 inches or so. Then, slip stitch into the top of the first stitch of the row to join, just as you would normally join a row of stitches. This leaves a small gap between the posts or bottom half of the first and last stitches. So after you’ve completed a few rows of your project, or when you’re done and ready to weave in ends, take that long tail you left at the beginning and use it to do something like a seamless join to sew the loose ends of the first and last foundation stitches together. Easy as can be!

Have you used foundation stitches in the round before? Do you know how to FSC and FDC? Videos for both are linked above (any blue words are a link). I struggled a little bit when I learned them, back before there were youtube videos to help, but now they’re one of my favorite ways to start a project! No working into the chain, and great stretchy edges! What do you think? Looking for a pattern that uses this technique? Try this Reversible Baby Hat!

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