Fall’s Hot Trend: Free Knit and Crochet Skirt Patterns!

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One trend I’ve noticed lately are handmade skirts, both knit and crochet. And it’s not hard to see why they’re popular right now! With the imminent return of fall, it’s the perfect time for leggings, thick tights, tall sexy boots, and cute skirts. Here are ten free knit and crochet skirt patterns I found that might convince you to expand your own wardrobe!

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10 Free Knit and Crochet Skirt Patterns

  1. Carnaby Skirt (knit) – This cute free skirt pattern has over 300 finished projects listed on Ravelry – so you know it isn’t just a pretty picture. There are lots of helpful pictures and instructions for this pattern, and it’s custom sized – just knit til it fits! trend fall skirt knit crochet diy fashion free patterns free knit and crochet skirt patterns
  2. Chevron Skirt Tutorial (crochet) – This is one of the most thorough and detailed garment tutorials I’ve ever seen on the web. And because it’s so thorough, it seems very do-able – as long as you take your time and do it step by step. You will need to sign up for a membership at Tension Magazine, but it’s free and there are some very interesting articles as well as other patterns. free knit crochet skirt patternschevron crochet missoni target zig zag free pattern tutorial tension magazine skirt fashion diy
  3. Bulgarian Knitted Skirt (knit) – This one was originally written in Japanese, but I’ve linked to the authorized English translation, which is in a set of pattern notes on Ravelry. I love this look, and the pattern seems really easy to customize. The stripe placement is random, so each one is different! free knit crochet skirt patterns knit crochet free patterns links list skirts fashion diy fall winter
  4. Archena Skirt (crochet) – Doris Chan’s take on the granny square is subtle and charming, and infinitely variable. Found at Naturally Caron, this free crochet skirt pattern is offered in 4 sizes and includes charts, schematics, and written instructions! free knit and crochet skirt patterns doris chan free crochet pattern skirt granny square fashion flouce archena caron
  5. Little Flirt Skirt (knit) – This free knit pattern has a great length and fun detailing that’s perfect and appropriate in any setting. It’s offered in 6 sizes with an elastic waistband, so it’s easy to fit too. It’s a free download on the Cascade Yarns page (just scroll down a bit to find it).  free knit and crochet skirt patterns knit crochet free patterns skirts dress pretty fashion diy
  6. Jolly Rancher (crochet) – This free pattern from Crochet Me is a true winter pattern – because it’s full of holes! It’s also crocheted with super chunky yarn, and comes with instructions for custom sizing. As the designer says, it’s like a sweater for your lower half. Warm and cozy, but definitely an outer layer. free knit and crochet skirt patterns jolly rancher skirt winter fall crochet knit free patterns sexy flirty sweater fashion
  7. Yoked Skirt with Pockets (knit) – This knit skirt is a free Ravelry download, and though it’s only offered in two (smallish) sizes, it’s just so cute I fell in love. It’s a top down knit too, so I can’t help but think that some determination and a touch of math are all it would take to upsize this pattern. It makes me think of Audrey Hepburn and long scarves and big sunglasses…free knit and crochet skirt patterns yoked skirt pockets free knit pattern crochet fashion diy fall winter cute sexy fun
  8. Slanted Skirt (crochet) – This Ravelry download is a tutorial, like the Chevron Skirt above, but it looks a whole lot easier! There’s still a bit of math and the ever important gauge swatching, but stretchy ribbing makes for a more forgiving pattern. free knit and crochet skirt patterns fall autumn crochet knit skirt trend fashion free patterns hot sexy ribbed diy with boots
  9. Luna Flickering Flames Circular Skirt (knit) – NO LONGER FREE This one is for all you lace knitters – lots and lots of lace! It’s got a beaded hem and drawstring waist, so it’s 36″ waist fits several sizes. It’s beautiful and floaty, and I only hope to be that good with knitted lace someday! free knit and crochet skirt patterns knit crochet free pattern flames skirt dress fashion fall trend diy lace beautiful
  10. Spiderweb Skirt Pattern (crochet) – This free Ravelry Download is billed as a summer skirt, but over a pair of leggings or thick tights it goes year round! Length is customizable, and it would look great at knee length with a pair of tall boots. free knit and crochet skirt patterns spiderweb skirt free crochet pattern fashion trend fall boots winter tights

Have you ever knit or crocheted a skirt? The main objection to doing so is usually the rear end stretching out – a valid concern! Tips I’ve read to help with skirt stretching include wearing a slip, using fibers that maintain their shape, and making the skirt a little smaller than your measurements (when the amount of stretch is limited, this means that when it stretches, it stretches to fit you). Truth is, I haven’t made one myself… yet! But I can see my queue getting a lot longer now!

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  1. 3

    Zarian says

    OMG I love the carnaby skirt pattern! It’s supper fun and pretty easy! I just finished it in dark and light browbyn and because it’s knitted sideways(width of the skirt) rather than length, like most, it’s so much easier to get a perfect fit!=D

    • 5

      Tamara Kelly says

      Thank you for letting me know sas. This article is 3 years old, so lots of things have changed since I wrote it. :)


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