Devotee Clutch

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I just love it when things come together. Inspiration, occasion, and the perfect yarn. And this is the result!

Devotee Clutch Free Crochet Pattern

I’ve been petting and loving on this gorgeous skein of Kettle Dyed Merino Yarn from Lancaster Yarn Shop for a little while now. It’s fantastic stuff, perfect for all kinds of projects. Here’s how the shop owner, my friend Wendy, describes it:

Kettle Dyed is our shop yarn! We dye it ourselves. The wool is a high grade merino and is sourced in the USA. We use non-toxic, color saturated, acid based dyes. The dyeing is mostly done by my husband Bob, with occasional help (& editorial) from me!

www.lancasteryarnshop.comSo I was hoarding this yarn, dreaming of what it could become, when suddenly I got an invite that required a new purse – perfect! I went looking for patterns that would really show off the yarn and saw Maven. Loved it! But I was in the mood to crochet and the Kettle Dyed Merino I had was Aran weight. So I did what I do, and here’s my crochet interpretation.

Devotee Clutch
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This purse was made using Aran weight yarn, but don’t worry about gauge or weight. Use a skein of yarn that you want to show off, and a hook that gives you the look you want – each one should be unique!

  • US J – 6.0mm hook
  • Aran weight yarn, 180 yards
  • Two 1/2 by 12 inch dowels (you’ll need something to cut the dowel to size and sand the edges, I used my Dremel)
  • Optional: Embellishments, buttons, or other decorations


Row 1: Leaving an 18 inch tail, ch33. Sc in the second ch from hook, and in each ch to end. (32 sc)

Row 2 – 10: Ch1 and turn. Sc in each st to end. (32 sc)

Row 11: Ch1 and turn. 2hdc in first st, then hdc in each st to last st, 2hdc in last st. (34 hdc)

Row 12: Ch1 and turn. Hdc evenly to end. (34 hdc)

Rows 13 – 24: Repeat Rows 11 and 12, increasing by two stitches every other round. Therefore, on Row 17 you’ll have 40 hdc, and on Row 21 you’ll have 44 hdc. At the end of Row 23 and 24 you’ll have 46 hdc.

Row 25: Ch1 and turn. Hdc evenly to end. (46 hdc)

Row 26: Ch1 and turn. Hdc2tog in the first 2 sts. Hdc evenly to the last 2 sts. Hdc2tog in the last 2 sts. (44 hdc)

Row 27: Ch1 and turn. Hdc evenly to end. (44 hdc)

Row 28 – 37: Repeat Rows 26 and 27, decreasing by two stitches every other round. Therefore, on Row 30 you’ll have 40 hdc, on Row 34 you’ll have 36 hdc, and on Rows 36 and 37 you’ll have 34 hdc.

Row 38: Ch1 and turn. Hdc2tog in the first 2 sts. Hdc evenly to the last 2 sts. Hdc2tog in the last 2 sts. (32 hdc)

Row 39 – 48: Ch1 and turn. Sc in each st to end. (32 sc) Break yarn, leaving 18 inch tail, and finish off.

Devotee Clutch Free Crochet Pattern Laid FlatLining:
There are some excellent tutorials out there that explain how to make a lining better than I can – check out the lining instructions on the Maven bag and on the Starling Handbag. To sum up – cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the bag and seam the edges so that it covers the hdc section, or slightly less. Add pockets if desired, and seam up the two sides.


 Custom Handles for the Devotee Clutch, a free crochet patternIf you are using a different weight yarn or hook, you may need to change the dowel size. Take the clutch to your local hardware, craft, or big box store and find the dowel that you can wrap the sc section around. Cut two 12 inch sections of dowel and sand the edges a bit. Drill two holes in each handle, about 4 inches in from each end, just big enough to send your yarn needle and yarn through. Stain or paint as desired.


There’s no right side / wrong side here (they are basically identical), so pick the side you like best and fold the crocheted clutch in half, wrong side out. Join the yarn with a sl st right in the side of the seventh (from the top) row of sc, being sure to work through both sides of the clutch. Ch1 and sc evenly to the bottom of the clutch. Repeat on the other side.

Alternately, if you prefer the look of a thicker dowel, join the sides at the top of the hdc section, and use a dowel that is 3/4 inch thick.

Sew in the lining, stitching it in by hand. Be sure to sew the lining in before you stitch the handles in!

Devotee Clutch free crochet patternWrap the sc section of one side over a dowel, wrapping towards the interior of the bag. Using the tail, sew the handle in. When you come to the drilled holes, send the needle and yarn through the hole, and then continue sewing the seam. (This will prevent the dowel from sliding out.) Weave in end. Repeat for other handle.

Optional: Attach any embellishments you like! I used the Crocheted Rosette I made a while back, but I attached it to a pin back so I can change it out to something else for the next occasion or to match a different outfit.

Devotee Clutch Free Crochet Pattern with floral detailThis clutch can work for every occasion – it’s all in the choice of yarn and embellishments. And since it takes only 180 yards, it can be a one skein pattern – perfect for something really yummy and special! What yarn do you want to show off?

Be sure to Like the moogly facebook page for the latest updates and fun extras, and check out the Lancaster Yarn Shop while you’re there! Written pattern copyright Tamara Kelly 2012, please do not reprint this pattern, but feel free to link to this page to share this pattern with others.


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    Gail Howell says

    Just wanted to tell you how much I really like the clutch and to thank you for sharing the pattern.


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