Crochet Mobiles – 10 Free Patterns to Dress Up Any Room!

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Unique baby mobiles can take a nursery from ordinary to something special. And mobiles don’t have to stay in the nursery! Whether it’s traditional or very modern, mobile patterns are fun to crochet and give. And they can be made to fit any theme. So here are 10 free patterns for crochet mobiles!

Crochet Mobiles for the Nursery (and Every Other Room!) - 10 Free Patterns in a Roundup on Moogly!

10 Free Crochet Mobile Patterns

  1. Undersea Mobile on Lion Brand Free Patterns: This easy pattern keeps that calm, aquatic feeling – without the aquarium upkeep!Undersea Mobile - Free Crochet Mobile Pattern!
  2. Dragonfly Mobile by Emily Forrest, a Ravelry download: Dragonflies are some of the most beautiful insects with their bright colors – perfect for an eye-catching mobile! Dragonfly Mobile - Free Crochet Mobile Pattern
  3. Crochet Baby Birdie Mobile by Michele Wilcox on Coats and Clark: Make them in any colors you like and stimulate baby’s brain!Crochet Baby Birdie Mobile - Free Crochet Mobile Pattern
  4. Flying Hearts Mobile by Linda Cyr, on Red Heart: I know some little girls who’d love this far past babyhood!Flying Hearts Mobile - Free Crochet Mobile Pattern
  5. Hearts Around the Globe by Rachael Batliner, on Red Heart: I love this pattern so much – and the little birdie at the top too!Hearts Around the Globe - Free Crochet Mobile Pattern
  6. Baby’s Crib Mobile on Yarnspirations: You have to register with the site (for free!) to see the pattern, but these sweet little butterflies and flowers might be worth it!Baby's Crib Mobile - Free Crochet Mobile Pattern
  7. Lorenz Manifold by Dr. Hinke Osinga and Professor Bernd Krauskopf, via Ravelry: (Not currently available) This pattern requires a few tools that might be new to crocheter – like pliers and a wire cutter! But this mathematical marvel makes a wonderfully modern baby mobile. In black and white it’s perfect for newborns!Lorenz Manifold - free crochet mobile pattern
  8. Rainbow Mobile by Sally V. George, on The Hook & Yarn Shop: This vintage crochet pattern stands the test of time – and will be lovely in all the colors of the rainbow!Rainbow Mobile - free vintage crochet mobile pattern
  9. Thunderstorm Mobile by Abigail Forrest, a Ravelry download: Not a rainbow fan? This mobile features a dramatic yet friendly little bit of thunder and lightning. Might help comfort a little one frightened of storms to know this happy set is literally in his corner!Thunderstorm Mobile - free crochet mobile pattern
  10. Happy Happy Joy Joy Wall Hanging by Sara, on Ball Hank n’ Skein: Super simple, and super cheery! Sure to brighten any room of the home!Happy Happy Joy Joy - free crochet mobile pattern

Crochet mobiles aren’t just for babies – I have a mobile that I was gifted hanging in my own room. And my older kids have some they love too. They’re calming, decorative, and a lovely bright touch in dark corners. I hope this roundup of mobile crochet patterns has inspired you! If you don’t see one here to fit the theme you have in mind, get creative! Find small amigurumi or applique patterns that you like and hang those – and make something to treasure forever.

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  1. 3

    Meme says

    I love these patterns but I find it very disappointing that several of the ones sent via email in the last few months aren’t available. The websites or whatever have either moved or been taken away.

    • 4

      Tamara Kelly says

      Meme which ones have been taken away? The ones that go out in the email are the newest posts, if links aren’t working please let me know!

      • 5

        Meme says This is the url I had to find as I had deleted the email with the suggest 10 Free Mobiles to dress up a room.

        Of course this wasn’t the only one. If I like one I kept it but after that I deleted them especially if the link didn’t go through. The particular one I like was a spiral jobbie and I did find it by searching for it and strangely it actually came up this time. Not that, that helped. That is so technical. I left all that math behind many years ago. Even my husband said he’d have to go back to school to remember what the equations were. The crochet instructions were pages down and even then weren’t that understandable. Very disappointing since it look fantastic.

        If and when I have problems with a link I’ll let you know straight away and keep the email. Thanks for listening Meme

        • 6

          Tamara Kelly says

          I’m afraid I’m rather confused. The url didn’t work for you? Are you getting daily email to your inbox or an RSS feed? The link to the Lorenz Manifold wasn’t working at first? It’s a PDF, so those can take a little longer to load. I try to offer patterns at a variety of difficulty levels, so not every pattern will suit every person. Are you maybe clicking on the photos? The photos aren’t links – you have to click the name of the pattern, in blue, to go to the pattern.

          • 7

            Meme says

            Yes the link wasn’t working on all the mobiles and I was getting error messages. They were working when I looked up the link again as in the swirly one which is difficult sounding. I was clinking on the link not the photo. Thanks for your help anyway Tamara.

  2. 8

    Mitzi Trenz-Christian says

    Oh my. I think this is my favorite collection of yours. :) I used to have several mobiles hanging around my home, but the years and moves took their toll, and there’s not one left. Thanks for the patterns and inspiration. :)

  3. 10


    I’m lovin’ these mobiles! Thanks for sharing the inspiration. Our blog offers free crochet patterns. Let us know if there are any you would like to feature and we can keep the PDF’s uploaded for free!
    ~Abbey (for The Firefly Hook)

  4. 11

    Allison says

    I love this collection and 2 of my friends have newborns!
    I’d really like to get the pattern for number 7 the Lorenz Manifold. I cant find the pattern on the website (clicking on name) goes too maybe its been removed? Do you have a copy?
    It was a while ago now so not surprised that I cant see it – that or im looking right at it and not seeing it.
    Any help appreciated.

  5. 12

    Allison says

    Number 6 is no longer on their website, just a heads up.
    it has been over a yr since this was posted though.
    Thanks for all the hard work you do!

          • 16

            Allison says


            I might try and get hold of her through the uni.
            I’m actually working on the hyperbolic crochet reef for the Sunshine Coast in QLD, Aust atm and would like to try a version of their mobile pattern.

            Thanks for all that you do in researching and finding patterns for us!

          • 17

            Allison says

            I clicked on the name for number 7 and it took me to a ravelry page and it has a link for a pdf doc that will open in your browser and you can save the doc there’s about 30 pages and the pattern starts on page 23.

            I was only going to get the link for the pic to show a friend so lucky me yay!!

            Thanks :)


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