Circles: Rounds vs. Spirals

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There are two basic ways to make a circle with crochet – rounds and spirals. Rounds are worked as distinct rows that are joined at the end, and then you chain up to get the height for the next row. Spirals are worked continuously, with the stitches for the new “row” worked right on top of the previous row without a join or chain up. Amigurumi is most often made with spirals, whereas rounds are used whenever you need a flat or even finished edge. The challenge with rounds is hiding the seam. The challenge with spirals is knowing where to stop! (I recommend a stitch marker.) Here’s a short demonstration of both techniques:

Spirals have gotten a lot of attention on Pinterest lately, especially in the use of multiple colors. They look fantastic, but it’s a tricky technique, so be sure to look for a tutorial that uses the same number of colors you want to use. Someone should gather all those in one place…. hm…. inspiration striking…

Whether using spirals or rounds, when switching colors, I recommend the tutorial over on NeedleNoodles – I gave it a try and it’s fantastic! It’s absolutely my go to technique for jog-less stripes from now on.

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  1. 1

    Angel Calcote says

    I just found your website today. I have enjoyed watching the tutorials you’ve made. I had been wondering the best way to join the ending stitch on a round to a beginning chain to avoid seeing seams when making Granny squares or any square patterns. I’m not sure which part of the chain to put the ending stitch through. Thank you for all the great crochet info.

    • 2

      moogly says

      Angel, thank you! If you are cutting the yarn and adding a new piece, then you can use the seamless join method to finish the row. Otherwise, just a slipstitch into the top ch of the round’s starting chain, as far as I know.

  2. 5

    Marrie says

    In the beginning, the tym i started doin’ crochet, I was v. confused b/w both of ’em.. ‘U’ solved that problem :)

  3. 6

    TANYA says

    I just found your page today (sent from Tangledhappy for the Hhdc tutorial) and have clicked and clicked on many of your tutorials! I’ve even watched videos to things I feel like I already know in case you’ve got some juicy advice!

    I have made several beanie-type hats and cowls that work in a spiral, which I like, but I always hate the “finish”. Do you have advice on how to get the spiral back to an even “look” for the finish? I always have to work and work to hide the “notch” and it never really disappears.

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