Bawk Bawk Chicken Lovers! 10 Free Chicken Crochet Patterns!

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Chicken aficionados – you know who you are. Whether it’s a giant metal chicken in the yard, a chicken themed kitchen with rooster cookie jar, or just an abiding fondness for all things feathery, this roundup is for you! Why crochet chickens? Why NOT! Here are 10 free chicken crochet patterns!

Free #Crochet Chicken Patterns!


10 Free Crochet Chicken Patterns

  1. Chicken Critter by Thomasina Cummings, a Ravelry download: A fun pattern with very clever construction! It could be a “toy, paper-weight or doorstop, depending on your choice of stuffing.” So cute! Chicken Critter: Free #Crochet Chicken Patterns!
  2. The Cluck Clutch by Brigitte Read, on Roman Sock: How have you made it this far in life without a chicken shaped purse? No more!The Cluck Clutch: Free #Crochet Chicken Patterns!
  3. Henny Penny – Chicken basket in Nepal by DROPS design: Note, this is not meant to hold actual chickens. Maybe.Henny Penny: Free #Crochet Chicken Patterns!
  4. A Chicken for Every Pot by Sue Rivers, on Crochet Again: A chicken themed pot holder! Maybe turn it’s little head the other way when making hard boiled eggs.A Chicken for Every Pot: Free #Crochet Chicken Patterns!
  5. Chicken Ornament by Lacey Emery, on Wacky Woolies and Wicked Stitches Blog: Hang one on your tree, another on your doorknob – is there anywhere you can’t hang a chicken ornament?Chicken Ornament: Free #Crochet Chicken Patterns!
  6. Chicken Earflap Beanie by Emily R. Snyder, on Ravelry: I made a chicken hat years ago for a friend, in a mix of knit and crochet, but I never wrote it down or shared the pattern. Now thanks to Emily every crocheter can have one! Awesome!Chicken Earflap Beanie: Free #Crochet Chicken Patterns!
  7. Welcome Chicken by Jocelyn Sass, on Let everyone who comes over know you love a good chicken door hanging!Welcome Chicken: Free #Crochet Chicken Patterns!
  8. Crocheted Rooster on Karens Variety: This is amazing! Worked all in thread and remarkably detailed!  This pattern is no longer available.Rooster: Free #Crochet Chicken Patterns!
  9. Mama Chicken Bag by Dedri Uys, on Look At What I Made: This is so clever! Works both flat and 3D – take a closer look at this one for sure!Mama Chicken Bag: Free #Crochet Chicken Patterns!
  10. Hen Sweater by plumcreekmama, on PlumCreekMama’s Blog: Happen to have a few of the real cluckers in your coop? Keep them warm on extra cold days with these!Hen Sweater: Free #Crochet Chicken Patterns!

So which came first – chicken or the egg? How about which one was crocheted first! I have no idea, but I do know it seems there’s not a thing that crochet can’t do. Hope you’ve enjoyed this fun roundup of free crochet chicken patterns!

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  1. 1


    You actually did it! A roundup of crocheted chickens! 😀 I especially like the Cluck Clutch…and the beanie…it’s so hard to decide! THANK YOU!

  2. 5


    Hi Tamara,

    Thank you so much for including Mama Chicken in the Roundup. I love the tongue-in-cheek tone of this post. You can never have enough crochet chickens, I say :)


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