Big Bold Chevron Stitch

The Big Bold Chevron Curtains (click HERE for the free pattern!) are a popular project on Moogly – and I’ve got more projects in the works with this stitch pattern too! However, like many chevron patterns, this one can get a little confusing. So here’s a video tutorial and chart to help walk you through the Big Bold Chevron Stitch!

Learn how to crochet the Big Bold Chevron Stitch with this video tutorial and #crochet chart! From

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Vintage Wobble Afghan Tutorial

The Vintage Wobble Afghan pattern debuted last fall, and it was a very special pattern to share – be sure to read the story behind this great stitch HERE! And one of the many awesome things about this pattern is that it’s a one row repeat! All the variation is in the colors, so it’s super easy to memorize, and it makes a fantastic stitch buster. However, the stitch placement on that one row can be a little tricky… so at your request, here’s a tutorial for how to crochet the Vintage Wobble Afghan!

Learn how to crochet the Vintage Wobble Afghan stitch in this video tutorial! From

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Loopy Love Blanket Tutorial

The Loopy Love Blanket is a fun pattern, and it’s easy enough for any level crocheter! The written pattern makes it seem a bit more complicated than it is, and not everyone can read written patterns – so tutorial requests were immediate! Presenting the Loopy Love Blanket Tutorial!

Learn how to #crochet this gorgeous stitch in the Loopy Love Blanket Tutorial! From

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