Christmas Tree Coffee Cozy Tutorial

Last holiday season I designed the Christmas Tree Coffee Cozy – the perfect quick pattern for the coffee (or hot cocoa!) lovers on your gift list! Paired with a gift card to your local coffee house, it’s a fun present to give and receive. But it does have a couple unique moves, so this year I’m sharing the video tutorial!

Christmas Tree Coffee Cozy - free #crochet pattern with video tutorial on Moogly!

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Tight Braid Join

The Tight Braid Joining method I use to join squares is very similar to the Flat Braid Joining method, but tighter and closer – not as lacy. I’ve used it to join the Mini Magic Mandala Motifs in the Magic Rainbow Baby Blanket, and in this video I’ll demonstrate exactly how it works. But it can be adapted to any square, as long as you’re willing to play with the stitch counts a bit – so I’ll explain that as well!

Tight Braid Join for Afghan Squares: Video Tutorial on Moogly!

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Stormy Weather Cowl Tutorial

The Stormy Weather Cowl works up super fast with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick! It’s a pretty simple pattern, and I’ve got a video to show you just how it’s made – here’s the Stormy Weather Cowl Tutorial!

Learn to #crochet the Stormy Weather Cowl with a Moogly Video Tutorial!

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Alpaca Your Wrap Tutorial

Alapaca Your Wrap is an intermediate level pattern – like most crochet lace patterns, there are lots of skipped stitches and decreases and increases and such. But really, it’s mostly double crochets and chains – which means most crocheters have the skills, it’s just the pattern reading that can trip you up. If you can work from charts, that’s much easier, and there’s one linked in the original pattern. But for the rest, here’s a video tutorial for the Alpaca Your Wrap!

Alpaca Your Wrap: a video tutorial and free #crochet pattern on Moogly!

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Happy Autumn Leaves Edging Tutorial

The Happy Autumn Leaves crochet pattern is a great way to perk up your home for Fall! You can use any yarn and the hook to match, felt it, hang it, clean with it, you name it! And it’s made with pretty simple stitches… except for the first round of edging, which puts our tall stitches skills to work! So here’s a video tutorial to show how it’s done!

Happy Autumn Leaves - free #crochet pattern and video tutorial on!Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.

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