Moroccan Basket Video Tutorial

The Moroccan Basket uses a stitch pattern that has been well documented here on Moogly, complete with it’s own video tutorial. But it starts off with one change, and that’s causing a bit of confusion! So here is a video tutorial for that pesky Round 7 – right and left handed of course!

The Moroccan Basket now includes a special video tutorial! Watch and get the FREE crochet pattern on! [Read more…]

Tunisian Top Stitch/Tunisian Bump Stitch

Tunisian crochet can be intimidating, but once you jump in, it’s not so hard! And once you’ve got the basics, you might find yourself exploring new stitches – and the Tunisian Top Stitch, aka the Tunisian Bump Stitch, is a fun and easy variation to try!

Learn how to crochet the Tunisian Top Stitch and Tunisian Bump Stitch on! [Read more…]

Polka Dot Border Tutorial

The Polka Dot Border was what I used to finish off my 2014 Moogly Crochet Along blanket! And whether you’re finishing up a CAL or just looking to add a special touch to a project, this edging is a fun and versatile choice! So here’s how to crochet the Polka Dot Border.

Polka Dot Border - free #crochet edging pattern with right and left handed video tutorials on Moogly! [Read more…]

Perfect Fall Poncho Tutorial

The Perfect Fall Poncho has an easy construction – two rectangles seamed together with a hole left for the head in the middle. Can’t get easier than that! But the stitches used to create the cable look are unique – so here’s a video tutorial for the Perfect Fall Poncho!

How to Crochet the Perfect Fall Poncho - free crochet pattern on, now with right and left handed video tutorials! [Read more…]

Fortune’s Wrap Tutorial – C2C Decreases

Fortune’s Wrap is a corner to corner pattern with little twist that makes it light and lacy! If you aren’t familiar with corner to corner (commonly abbreviated C2C) or diagonal box stitch patterns, then the way they come together can be a little confusing at first. The Fortune’s Wrap Tutorial is here to help!

Learn how to crochet Fortune's Wrap (and work corner to corner decreases!) in this Moogly video tutorial! [Read more…]