Ann Mancini-Williams of Glamour4You: Designer Showcase!

It’s time for February’s Designer Showcase! Once a month I have one of my favorite designers share a bit about themselves, and then I follow it up by sharing my 5 favorite free patterns that they’ve designed! This month I’m excited to share some things from the exciting Ann Mancini-Williams – the blogger and designer behind Glamour4You!

Glamour4You Designer Showcase with 5 Free #Crochet Patterns on Moogly!

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All About the Blankets… with Texture!

I love crocheting blankets – playing with pattern and color and texture and shapes. The downside… all those ends! But you don’t have to change colors to keep it interesting – these crochet blanket patterns are all in solid colors, but feature amazing and interesting textures that make them pop!

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It’s a Hullabaloo of Free Hedgehog Crochet Patterns!

It’s been a little while since I did a roundup here on Moogly – after 3 years or so, it sometimes seems I’ve covered almost everything. But one cute little woodland creature still has escaped.. the cute little hedgehog! So here we have it, a hullabaloo of free crochet hedgehog patterns!

10 Free #Crochet Hedgehog Patterns - a special collection on Moogly!

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