Spooky & Sweet: Baby’s First Crochet Halloween Costume! 10 Free Patterns

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Baby might be too young to eat candy this year – but she’s not too young for a costume! Crochet Halloween Costumes are lots of fun to make, and even more precious on the tiny babies! Plus you can use them after Halloween too – many of these patterns are cute all Fall! So here are 10 free crochet Halloween Costume Patterns for Babies!

Crochet for Baby's 1st Halloween! Get links to these 10 free #crochet #Halloween costumes for babies on Moogly!

10 Free Crochet Halloween Costume Patterns for Babies:

Click on the name of the patterns you like to go to their pattern pages!

  1. Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat and Cocoon by Melody Adams, on Melody Adams . . . the blog: This is SO cute – what kid doesn’t love this story! Perfect for newborns!Very Hungry Caterpillar Set :: Free #Crochet Halloween Costumes for Babies!
  2. Mermaid Costume by Courtney Wiche, on Wichecraft: Some fishy fun! Though you’ll need to put a top under the top for Fall weather in most locales!Mermaid Costume :: Free #Crochet Halloween Costumes for Babies!
  3. Robot Baby by Sandy Powers, a Ravelry download: Another super cute cool weather costume!Robot Baby :: Free #Crochet Halloween Costumes for Babies!
  4. Candy Corn Beanie (Infant & Toddler) by Simply Sweet, a Ravelry download: Little and sweet!Candy Corn Beanie :: Free #Crochet Halloween Costumes for Babies!
  5. Viking Pride Hat by Jilliane Madene, on Prepster Crochet: He’ll pillage your heart!Viking Pride Hat :: Free #Crochet Halloween Costumes for Babies!
  6. Monkey Hat (sizes newborn to adult) by Tara Murray, on Easy Makes Me Happy: Beware, may lead to jumping on the bed!Monkey Hat :: Free #Crochet Halloween Costumes for Babies!
  7. Halloween Devil Horns Headband by HappyBerry: Even though I’m sure your little one is always a perfect angel!Halloween Devin Horns Headband :: Free #Crochet Halloween Costumes for Babies!
  8. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Crochet Hat by Sarah Zimmerman, on Repeat Crafter Me: Who’s the leader of the club that makes cute ba-a-bies..! (sorry, couldn’t help myself)Mickey and Minnie Crochet Hats :: Free #Crochet Halloween Costumes for Babies!
  9. The Mighty Jungle by Corina Gray, on Stitch11: Here’s hoping your little Lion sleeps tonight so you can make her this sweet hat!They Mighty Jungle :: Free #Crochet Halloween Costumes for Babies!
  10. Lady Bug by DROPS design: This is one size fits all, so just leave a couple rows of the big red circles to drop this one down to baby size!Lady Bug :: Free #Crochet Halloween Costumes for Babies!

Hope you’ve gotten some inspiration for baby’s first Halloween! You’ve only got a year or two to pick their costumes for them after all – make while the making is good! Are you planning to crochet a Halloween costume this year? For a baby? Is there a great costume I missed that you want to add? Share in the comments!

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