Amazing Amigurumi Patterns – and They’re All Free!

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Amigurumi are knitted and crocheted small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures – and they’re a whole lot of fun! I’ve made amigurumi, but I’ve never written down the patterns. So complex! But some designers are just that talented, and here are 10 free amigurumi patterns that are sure to impress! And they’re a mix of knit and crochet – something for everybody!

Amazing Amigurumi - both knit and crochet amigurumi patterns, and they're all free!

10 Free Amigurumi Patterns

  1. Fierce Little Dragon by Lucy Ravenscar, a Ravelry download (Crochet)Fierce Little Dragon - free amigurumi patterns! #crochet
  2. The Deadliest Crab by Amber AllisonKnitty, Summer 2009 (Knit)The Deadliest Crab - free amigurumi patterns #knitting
  3. Magic Cinderella by Irene Kiss, a Ravelry download (Crochet)Magic Cinderella - amazing free amigurumi patterns! #crochetMagic Cinderella - amazing free amigurumi patterns! #crochet
  4. Milk and Cookie by Raynor Gellatly, on Knitted Toy Box (Knit)Milk and Cookie - free amigurumi patterns! #knitting
  5. Snake by Stephanie Jessica Lau, on All About Ami (Crochet)Snake - a free crochet amigurumi patterns for the new year! #crochet
  6. Tarragon the Gentle Dragon by Knit-a- Zoo, a Ravelry download (Knit)Tarragon the Gentle Dragon -  free amigurumi patterns #knitting
  7. Dalek Amigurumi by Lucy Ravenscar, a Ravelry download (Crochet)Dalek Amigurumi - free amigurumi patterns! #crochet
  8. Teacupfaery Octopus by Jane Conway, on teacupfaery (Knit)Teacupfaery Octopus - free amigurumi patterns #knitting
  9. My Free Hobbes Pattern by Ann Stiver-Balla, on sukigirl74’s blog (Crochet)My Free Hobbes Pattern - free amigurumi patterns! #crochet
  10. Mushroom in a bottle by A la Sascha, on sascha-lovetoknit (Crochet)Mushroom in a Bottle - free amigurumi patterns, definitely advanced! #crochet

Amazing Amigurumi - both knit and crochet amigurumi patterns, and they're all free!Aren’t they amazing?! Crochet and knitting really are art. It’s amazing what can be done with so few stitches! I know which one’s my favorite? What about you? Have you made amigurumi before? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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    What a great round-up of cute amigurumi patterns! I’m trying out amigurumi for the first time (just completed my first one and in the middle of my second) and it’s a different kind of rewarding to make a little stuffed animal. So fun!

  2. 5

    Lori says

    i like your animals. i only crotchet though. i was wondering if you have a owl, tiger, horse, phoenix and raven/crow patterns. i would really like to get them


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