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We all have them – those teeny tiny balls of yarn. The last of the skein, what’s left over at the end of a project, too small to use, too much to throw away. You can wind them all into tiny balls, put them in a pretty vase, and brighten up a dark corner… or you can make any of these free patterns – each of which takes 10 yards or less of yarn!

free crochet patterns small amount of yarn just a few yards ten list links

  1. Facial Cleaning Pads: 2 yards – Use up those spare yards of cotton and stop paying for cotton balls or pricey cleansing cloths! Facial Cleaning Pads - free #crochet pattern!
  2. Lucille the Pocket Bug: 5-15 yards – These sweet toys are so cute! They take two colors of yarn, so you need just a couple yards of each for this free Ravelry Download.Lucille the Pocket Bug free crochet pattern download toy bee ladybug kids
  3. Tag It!: 7 yards – This simple pattern has turned out to be one of my most popular! It’s quick, practical, and fun to make. Label your stuff, or add a special touch to your next gift. free crochet pattern, moogly, luggage tag, tag, label, scraps, craft, cheap, make your own
  4. I Give You My Heart Bookmark: 6 yards – This one takes just those last few yards of thread, and a couple of beads. If you like to give books as gifts, this is a great quick pattern for adding something special! free bookmark crochet pattern thread heart valentines
  5. Teeny Tiny Flowers: 4 yards – These tiny flowers and leaves can be made with any yarn weight or thread size, and are so pretty! Great as an embellishment on hair clips, pins, hats, baby clothes, you name it. teeny tiny flowers attic24 free crochet pattern leaves
  6. Crochet River Rock: 10-20 yards – Create a special keepsake from this summer’s best trip to the beach or woods with this fast project. crochet river rock free pattern souvenire
  7. Teeny Tiny Lobsters: 5-10 yards – I’ve always had a soft spot for lobsters. Don’t get me wrong, they’re delicious! But these little guys aren’t for eating. free crochet pattern lobster tiny yarn yards red toy animal plush
  8. Riley Flower Square Motif: 10 yards – Another popular moogly pattern, this one takes just a few yards each of two different colors. Make one of these every time you finish a project and before you know it, you’ll have made a blanket! Riley Flower Square Motif free crohet pattern
  9. Four Tiny Snowflakes: 9 yards – This free Ravelry download will help you get a jump on your holiday crafting. And think cool thoughts!snowflake thread free crochet pattern christmas yule holiday gift tag ornament decoration
  10. Speedy Scrunchie: 10 yards – This is a classic idea, but most scrunchie or ponytail holders take a lot more yarn. This one is perfect for this list, and great for craft fairs, gifts, and any little girls you know. Written without abbreviations, it’s also great for beginners. scrunchie hair ponytail free crochet pattern beginner easy fast fair

So don’t let those precious bits go to waste! Tiny crochet projects like these are perfect for traveling too – take a few in your carry-on bag, or stick one in your purse and never be bored in a waiting room again. What do you do with your skein’s remains? Share your favorites in the comments!

Got just 10 yds of yarn left? Crochet or knit it! 30 free patterns in a collection on Mooglyblog.com

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  1. 8

    Maria says

    Really brilliant idea collecting these patterns! I’d be truly grateful if you posted more such patterns, I have literally hundreds of small 10-30 yards balls of yarn that I want to use!

  2. 10

    Peggy malecki says

    I was trying to get the 10 yard crochet patterns and kept getting the message that my email or password were ncorrecect. Could someone help me?

    • 11

      Tamara Kelly says

      Hi Peggy! You shouldn’t need to enter your email and password to get to the patterns. :/ I’m not sure why that’s happening? You might want to run a virus scan.


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