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Last week I did a roundup of free patterns you can crochet with 10 yards or less – this time, let’s see what we can do with needles!

10 Yards of Yarn or Less? Knit It! @ mooglyblog.com free patterns ideas scraps leftovers knitting short small fast tiny list links

  1. Knitted Mini Christmas Stockings – (5 – 7 yds) Little Cotton Rabbits offers this free pattern, and lots of ways to work them up. Too early for Christmas knitting? No way! This tiny project is perfect for summer and making them now means one less thing you have to worry about this winter. Not into Christmas knitting? Make a bunch and string them on a garland for a baby shower or nursery decoration!knit socks stockings christmas yule channukah kwanza baby shower free pattern

  2. Huggie Bunnies – (10 – 15 yds) This free Ravelry download might have been designed with Easter in mind, but these bunnies are cute any time of year! They can cover little Cadbury eggs, or they can be a fun finger puppet, or with a couple easy mods you could have a tiny stuffed Totoro! Squee! Huggie Bunnies free knitting pattern knit easter finger puppet totoro rabbit
  3. Headband Flower – (10 – 20 yds) Ruthie Pearl caught my eye with this gorgeous but super simple rosette… and the sweetest model ever didn’t hurt! These pretty flowers can be made with any size yarn, and aren’t just for headbands – embellish bags, tops, hats, whatever you like! Headband Flower free knitting pattern rosette garter stitch easy baby embellishment applique
  4. Key Cozy – (10 – 20 yds officially, I have to think it’s a lot less) Knit Freedom came up with this pattern to demonstrate the Magic Loop technique – making this a great pattern to learn it with if you haven’t mastered this trick yet! It’s on my list, but it’s been hard to find the time. With a pattern this quick and small I should be able to finally sit down and figure it out! Video tutorials included! Key Cozy sock yarn leftovers magic loop video tutorial free knitting pattern
  5. Oison Owl – (9 – 10 yds) Paul Gallagher designed this free Ravelry download, perfect for all the owl lovers. Owl fans? Owlists? Anyway, you can make it 3 dimensional or only make the front panel and embellish… well, anything! There are so many “cute” owls out there, I love that this one is just a bit more realistic – really sets it apart! I’m afraid this one is no longer free as of 12/22/13, but is available for $2.00.Oison Owl free knitting pattern knit 3d cables flat embellishment applique stuffy animal
  6. Snowflake Snood – (5 – 10 yds) If you are unfamiliar with snoods, they are basically fancy hairnets – yet so much more appealing! Typically worn over buns in ballet or at Renaissance Fairs, they’re actually a really cute way to dress up long hair and keep it looking neat. They’ve made a bit of a come-back with the retro / vintage crowd as well. Long live the snood! The picture on the pattern isn’t the best, but check out this photo on flickr  or the Ravelry page to get a better idea of how pretty this one is. snowflake snood free knitting pattern hair net cover ballet renaissance hairstyle vintage retro
  7. Wave Wristlet – (3 yds) This pretty bracelet is a free Ravelry download, and it takes the ubiquitous feather and fan stitch one step further. Leftover sock yarn makes it delicate, but I’d love to see it in thicker yarn for a cuff! Wave Wristlet free knitting pattern feather fan sock bracelet cuff
  8. Gertrude Bookmark – (10 – 15 yds) This free Ravelry download makes for a very pretty piece, perfect for gift giving. Or just for making it a little easier to set aside that juicy book when it’s time for bed! The designer recommends natural fiber yarn for blocking, but remember you have acrylic blocking options too.gertrude bookmark free knitting pattern knit ravelry gift book mark
  9. Petite Dolls – (6 – 10 yds) This free pattern on Holly Marie Knits uses up those tiny leftover bits and just a bit of stuffing or polyfill (or even tinier scraps of yarn) to make a sweet toy for any child – and a few grownups too! The pattern includes an excellent photo tutorial, so don’t let this one intimidate you if you’re new to knitting! Very clever construction of these too. Petite Dolls Free knitting pattern toy baby girl boy photo tutorial gift knit
  10. Wee Little Crown – (1 – 5 yds) It’s just the crown on offer here – the frog takes a lot more yarn! But the crown was too cute to not share. You can make any stuffed animal or amigurumi instant royalty with this free pattern from History Weaver. I think this would make a super adorable barrette for any little princess too! crown free knitting pattern wee little stuffy animal amigurumi barette pretty cute fairy tale fantasy

All these free knitting patterns use 10 yards of yarn or less, and turn those neglected but too precious to toss bits into great little projects. Tiny knitting like this is super green and very budget friendly – and lots of fun too! What’s do you like to knit with your leftover bits of yarn? Share your favorites in the comments!

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    vera says

    unfortunately Pauline got greedy and Oison owl is no longer free. that’s too bad. withholding information really leaves a bad taste!!!!!


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