10 More Beautiful and Free Crochet Flower Patterns

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It’s been almost a year since I rounded up the original 10 Beautiful (and Free) Crochet Flower Patterns, and so many gorgeous patterns have come out since. With both Valentine’s Day and spring on the horizon it’s time for another look! So here are 10 more beautiful and free crochet flower patterns – including some really unique specimens!

Beautiful Free Crochet Flower Patterns - time to think spring! #crochet #flowers

10 Free Crochet Flower Patterns

  1. Posy Blossoms by June GilbankPlanetJune: This mix and match pattern has 9 different components to make 7 different crochet flower combos, plus 2 leaves!Posey Blossoms by PlanetJune - free pattern! 9 components, 7 combinations! #crochet #spring
  2. Tulip by Kati Galusz, a Ravelry download: Tulips are some of my favorite flowers, and ones you don’t usually see done in crochet. These amigurumi tulips are just gorgeous!Tulip on Ravelry: free pattern for amigurumi style tulips that really stand up! Gorgeous! #crochet #flowers
  3. Easter Lily on Moogly: These work great one by one or in a whole bouquet – and don’t set off my husband’s lily allergies!Easter Lily on Moogly - free pattern with lots of photos! #crochet #easter #spring
  4. Bouquet de Mariรฉe by Comtessecreations Comtess, a Ravelry download: Isn’t this just gorgeous! An entire bouquet that never wilts or falls apart. The construction is very clever, and there’s a great photo tutorial too!Bouquet de Mariee on Ravelry - absolutely gorgeous, and a FREE pattern! #crochet #weddings #flowers
  5. Lily Flower (variation1) by HappyBerryHappyBerry Website: You have to go to Facebook to get this free pattern, but I’ve linked you to the Ravelry entry so you can read all about it. It takes a bit of wire and beads, but it is so unique and beautiful! Be sure to look for her Iris pattern while you are there too!Lily Flower (variation 1) by HappyBerry Crochet - lovely free pattern! #crochet #spring #flowers
  6. Pansy by Carola Wijma, a Ravelry download: These little crochet pansies are absolutely picture perfect! So intricate!Pansy on Ravelry - picture perfect, and a free pattern! #crochet #flowers
  7. Sakura (Cherry Blossom) by Chanda Kim, on Neko Knits: As much as I’ve enjoyed my visits to Washington DC, I’ve always been sad they’ve never coincided with the cherry blossoms. These crochet cherry blossoms are just lovely.Cherry Blossoms by Chanda Kim: free pattern, so lovely! #crochet #spring #flowers
  8. Flower by Vendula MaderskaMagic with hook and needles: There’s a Czech language version of this available, but I’ve linked you to the Ravelry page where you can get the English download. I love the color and pop of these!Flower on Ravelry - free pattern available in both English and Czech. Love these, so bold and bright! #crochet #flowers
  9. Daffodils of Spring by Rachel Borello CarrollCrochet Me: These are the first flowers to bloom in our yard each spring, and this crochet daffodil pattern really captures their shapeDaffodils of Spring on CrochetMe - free pattern! #crochet #spring.
  10. Mountain Laurel Crochet Flower Pattern by Camelia Shanahan, on Meli Bondre: This designer has embarked on a 365 Crochet Flowers Bouquet Project, and it looks like she’s currently up to #153! It was hard to pick a favorite, as each one is lovely and unique, but I think this Mountain Laurel is really beautiful and a stand out design. But be sure to see them all, they’re really lovely.Mountain Laurel by Camelia Shanahan - free pattern, part of the 365 Flowers Bouquet Project. So many gorgeous free flower patterns here! #crochet #flowers

I hope these new free crochet flower patterns have helped put you in mind of spring and warmth and all things beautiful. It was hard to narrow it down to just ten, even with a previous 10 already on the site! But I think this list features some really unique flowers, the kind you don’t see crocheted every day. Now tell me, what’s your favorite flower to crochet? Share with us in the comments!

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