10 Fantastic and Free Crochet Cardigan Patterns

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Crochet has come a long way, baby! These days you can spot crochet sweaters, tops and dresses everywhere from department stores to high fashion runways. Crochet sweaters are back and better than ever! And if you haven’t crocheted a sweater before, cardigans are some of the most accessible and flattering patterns to start with. So on that note, let’s take a look at ten fantastic free crochet cardigan patterns out right now!

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10 Free Crochet Cardigan Patterns

  1. Chevron Lace Cardigan, by milobo, PDF download via Ravelry: (Bust sizes 33, 36, 42, 48) This cardigan has been popular with crocheters for the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. You can vary the length by just adding more rows, and it’s very flattering with the open front and vertical lines created by the pattern. Best of all, it’s top-down and seamless, making it a great choice for your first crocheted sweater!free crochet cardigan patterns free crochet sweater patterns women free
  2. Whispers in Alpaca, by DROPS Design: (Bust sizes 34”, 37¾”, 41¾”, 45¾”, 49½”, 53½”) This is a cardigan with a very different look – horizontal stripes, which are also really big this winter! A deep V neckline elongates the torso, and the scalloped edging is a feminine touch.free crochet cardigan patterns free crochet sweater patterns women free
  3. Pinwheel Sweater by Amy Depew, on The Laughing Willow: (Custom sizing) This sweater tutorial is for crocheters who are ready to take an idea and run with it! Clever construction and “crochet til it fits” instructions make this a pattern for the bold and brave.free crochet cardigan patterns free crochet sweater patterns women free
  4. Delicata by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby, on Berroco: (Finished Bust – 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52″) This is a lovely lightweight sweater, making it a great layering piece for winter and a perfect transitional piece to carry you into spring. Love the modern styling combined with the feminine stitch pattern.free crochet cardigan patterns free crochet sweater patterns women free
  5. Come Again Cardigan by Carol Wolf, on Wolf Crochet: (44″ Bust) This pattern is rated by the designer as Advanced Difficulty. It looks simple on the surface, but the classic styling and waist shaping are achieved through the use of a variety of hook sizes, so you’ll want to pay attention to the pattern! Unfortunately, this pattern is no longer available. Try the Textured Jacket by Doris Chan, on Lion Brand instead! Sizes available include XS (S/M, L/1X, 2X, 3X). Textured Jacket by Doris Chan, for LIon Brand - free #crochet pattern!
  6. Genevieve by Melissa Mall, in Inner Child Crochet: (Custom sizing): Delicate, feminine and cozy, this pattern pulls it’s styling from a vintage bed jacket. Flattering wrap styling and bell sleeves make this one fun to wear.free crochet cardigan patterns free crochet sweater patterns women free
  7. Filigree Cardigan by Kimberly K. McAlindin, on Stitch Nation: (Finished Bust: 35, 40, 44, 46, 52″) This pattern is too pretty not to share! But it’s also tricky – be sure to read the notes from others who’ve made it on Ravelry before you get started. And be inspired by some of their amazing photos!free crochet cardigan patterns free crochet sweater patterns women free
  8. Azilal by Robyn Chachula, on Berroco: (35, 39¼ – 43¼ – 48 – 52”) This designer is known for her amazing and wearable sweaters (among many other great designs), so it’s a treat that she’s offered this one for free! Lots of texture and an empire waist make this sweater a hit. Both written instructions and charts are included in the detailed instructions.free crochet cardigan patterns free crochet sweater patterns women free
  9. V-Stitch Wrap-around Sweater by Lion Brand Yarn: (Finished Chest
    36 (40, 44, 48, 52) in.) This sweater has a big impact, but it’s rated Easy! The body is all in one piece and then the sleeves are worked right on the body, in the round – no seams! Easy to alter if you want a different length in the body or sleeves.free crochet cardigan patterns free crochet sweater patterns women free
  10. Asymmetrical Jacket by Doris Chan, on Caron: (Bust (estimate = 2 times back width) 38 (42, 46, 49, 53, 56)”) No roundup of crochet sweaters would be complete without a Doris Chan pattern! She’s known for her amazing lace patterns, but this Asymmetrical Jacket pattern really appeals to me. I’ve seen lots of them made with simpler color ways and they’re very pretty on.free crochet cardigan patterns free crochet sweater patterns women free

Making a crochet cardigan pattern is much more of an investment than making a washcloth or baby clothes, so don’t be afraid to purchase a pattern if you find one you love! Looking good feels so much better when you know you made your sweater yourself!

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  1. 1

    lois says

    Thank you soooo much! I have never made a sweater before and I’m searching for the perfect one. Your compiled list is so very helpful! I’ll just need to figure out how to add pockets lol I need pockets!! Btw I love all your patterns! Great blog!

  2. 3

    Kelly says

    I’ve made three Pinwheel sweaters, found the pattern on Crochetville, I love it! It’s just so easy. Can’t wait to try some of these others, thanks for sharing!

  3. 8

    Michelle thompson says

    I am a new reader. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m getting started on the Chevron Lace Cardi ASAP!

  4. 10

    eleanor santos says


    • 11

      Tamara Kelly says

      It’s hard to say for sure without seeing the pattern you’re referring to, but I believe it means to double crochet in the next stitch, then chain 1, and then double crochet in the next st and then ch 1 eight more times.

  5. 12


    i like a pattern for cardigan light weight with a net or mesh sticth design and diamond shape with double crochet with diamond design in some areas of the cardigan withfront opening and fringes on bottom and since were short people i will need from short to medium size. this has to have a sleeves that continues from the shoulder with no seam on arm hole and stops short sleeves. i’m looking for a short size from small to medium size with fringes on bottom.the entire cardigan must made of double crochet with diamond stitch design distributed evenly on entire cardi-wrap i need a size short from sholder to the bottom about 4 or 5 inhes from waistline not including the fringes

  6. 15

    ann watson says

    Had wonderful pattern for Aran type jacket made in one piece. Lost during number of moves. Ny suggestions?

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