The 10 Cutest Easter Crochet Patterns

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These are the ten cutest Easter crochet patterns EVER! Well, maybe not forever ever. But it’s the ten cutest Easter / Ostara / Spring Celebration patterns I’ve seen so far this year! I haven’t made any of them (yet) myself, but I can’t wait to start. And they are ALL free online!

The 10 Cutest Free Easter Crochet Patterns!

  1. Huevitos Amigurumi Easter Egg pattern from Owlishly- How ridiculously cute are these? Good thing they’ll last forever, because I don’t think I could ever bring myself to eat that sweet smile. Owlishly Amigurumi Easter Egg - Easter #crochet
  2. Easter Bunny from Gloomy Gurumi – This bunny is sure to be the hit of any basket you fill, and the simplicity makes them perfect for younger kids.Gloomy Gurumi Easter Bunny  - Easter #crochet
  3. Spring Bunny from All About Ami – Which ones are cuter? I can’t decide! This set is definitely a bit more complicated, but the photo tutorial makes it look easy. The details on these would make me reserve this set for older kids/teens though.All About Ami Spring Bunny  - Easter #crochet
  4. Killer Bunny Egg Cozy from The Adventures of the Gingerbread Lady – I can’t be the only one who’s kids would get a HUGE kick out of finding these on top of their eggs! The Gingerbread Lady Killer Bunny Egg Cozy - Easter #crochet
  5. Springtime Wreath from Attic 24 – This tiny wreath is so pretty! The perfect welcoming note to add to your front door… or every doorknob in the house. Attic 24 Springtime Wreath - Easter #crochet
  6. Little Bunny (and a Finger Puppet) from Handmade by Just-In – My kids love finger puppets, and I suspect most grownups do too. This one is simply perfect.Handmade by Just-in Easter bunny amgurumi or a finger puppet - Easter #crochet
  7. The Bunny Ring from Croshame – The site might be NSFW, but is super fun and the finished product here is definitely safe for everyone over age 3. I can see my preteen daughter going crazy for this ring! Croshame The Bunny Ring - Easter #crochet
  8. Easter Egg Coaster from Whiskers & Wool – Coaster, baby washcloth, dinner napkin… this pattern is super versatile and super easy! Whiskers & Wool Easter Egg Coaster - Easter #crochet
  9. Floppy Bunny Hat from Mama G’s Big Crafty Blog – If you’ve got a baby you can craft for this Easter, you have got to make them one of these! Babies are cute… babies in bunny hats are possibly even cuter! Mama G's Big Crafty Blog Floppy Bunny Hat - Easter #crochet
  10. Eggstremely Cosy Set from The Very Savvy Snail – I’ve seen knitting in claymation, but this looks like claymation in crochet! Wallace and Grommet would be proud to own a set of these chickens, and so would I. Lovely!The Very Savvy Snail Eggstremely Cosy Set Chicken Egg Cozies - Easter #crochet

So do you include crochet in your spring crafting? Have you tried any of these, or added them to your to-make list? What ever and however you celebrate the season, welcome it with yarn!

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